$47.00 USD

Add the Intention Setting Workshop for just $47.

This 75 minute on demand workshop will help you get clear on what you want this year, implement a calendar system that works for you to protect your time and vision, and block more time with mindfulness so your business doesn't detract from your life goals.

This was recorded at the beginning of 2023 but is good any time you want to gain more intention with your calendar.

Babies + Bookkeeping: Balancing Both

This 2 hour workshop is a candid conversation on managing a business and motherhood. We cover tangible exercises and tips to help you design a business that supports your motherhood, with reality in the forefront. And yes, we cover what to do to make your maternity leave a success. Includes companion workbook.

This is for you if you:

- want to be a mom someday

- are planning a maternity leave

- have kids but are looking to expand your family

have kids and are looking to better manage your time and presence in both business & parenthood

As a mother of 3 small kids and owner of 2 businesses, one of the questions I get asked the most is “how do you juggle it all?” And lately, I’ve been asked how to plan for maternity leave for a first baby or first baby after starting a business.

I get having questions! I mean… if my Google search history could talk 👀 

I spent so many hours Googling if things were normal in desperation at 3am. Turns out, mostly everything is when it comes to motherhood. 

Due to popular demand - we are having a candid conversation on what motherhood is really like, and how to set realistic expectations for yourself as you embark on the journey (or plan to).

If you already have kids, you will leave feeling less alone and more prepared to take supportive steps that will assist you rather than wondering what you’re doing wrong.


This event has already happened live and is ready for you on demand now.

[ Due to the digital nature of this project, there are no refunds. ]