It’s time to clean up the chaos on the numbers side of your biz and start fresh with confidence & clarity.

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Each day for five days you'll learn:

+ one actionable step to implement immediately that will keep things super simple & organized

so you save time, save money, and can see your profits to level up your success.

+ exactly how to clean up the mess if you’ve been screwing it up

so you never get overwhelmed again.

By the end of the week you will be clear, confident, organized, inspired, and empowered.

Yes yes! I totally need better habits!

How the challenge works:

~You'll get one e-mail each morning with the daily step and how to start it today to stop the chaos in it's tracks.

~The daily e-mail will also include what to do to clean up the mess you're currently sitting on

~Each afternoon at 3pm EST I'll go live in my facebook group to expound on how and why and answer Q&A.
(yes, there will be a replay if this time doesn't work for you)

This challenge is about you, not me.

...but if you're wondering who the heck I am, here's the highlight reel:


  • My name is Katie 
  • I'm a licensed CPA with 10 years of tax and accounting experience.  
  • I spent some time at a local CPA firm working closely with small business owners
  • I also have big corporate experience working for a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company
  • Currently, I'm an entrepreneur myself. I run a home-based bookkeeping & tax practice
  • I'm highly passionate about educating entrepreneurs to understand & organize the numbers side of their businesses so they can focus with clarity on the things they love
  • Did I mention I work from home with two toddlers running around? This picture is us on Halloween. I’m a master of keeping organized so I can manage this crazy life and if you join this challenge I’ll help you take your business to infinity and beyond.
  • (Excuse my corny Buzz Lightyear joke, but you should probably be warned upfront that these types of jokes are just a part of who I am)

This challenge is perfect for you if:

You make any income on your own outside of a paycheck from your boss (freelancers, network marketers, Etsy sellers, etc.)

You are thinking of starting a business

You just started a business

You've been in business for a few years and know you need to get the numbers side of your biz in better shape

You think you've got everything handled but could use reassurance

You want to take ownership of your business and really understand what you're making

You want to save time, save money, reduce your audit risk, remove stress, and get back to the things you love without fear or doubt holding you back.


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