Bookkeeping can not only be easy, it can be fun.

Even if you're not a numbers person!

Simple. Sleek. Smart. Sexy.

The spreadsheet that calculates your monthly profits and other powerful insights without you having to do any math at all.

See her in action below☟


The Small Biz Starter Kit allows you to effortlessly see, and thus increase, your profits.

3 tools to help you keep track of your profits so you can continuously increase them, log your miles on the go, and never miss a tax deadline.

Profit & Loss Spreadsheet

Spares you the cost and complexity of subscription based bookkeeping software.

Calculate your monthly, quarterly, and annual profit and loss & point out ways to increase profit without doing any math at all.

Mileage Log

Without the monthly app fee.

Track your business miles in real time so you can deduct them come tax time.

Tax Deadline Calendar

So you never miss a deadline and avoid getting hit with penalties and interest

Over 300 people have bought this kit, and they absolutely rave about it.

DIY'ing not your thing?

There's a bookkeeper for that. Take this off your plate so you can focus better on your zone of genius.


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