Kajabi is my go to marketing/CRM software

for my bookkeeping biz. ūü•ā

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I replaced my corporate tax manager salary working only the hours I used to commute by starting a home based bookkeeping biz.

Kajabi helped make it happen.

Hi! I’m Katie Ferro. CPA, reformed rule follower, corporate escapee, and mama to 3 little ones. I built my bookkeeping business to surpass my corporate tax manager salary working only the hours I used to commute and without relinquishing my stay at home mom crown.

Now, I maintain my bookkeeping business, while educating and empowering accountants & aspiring bookkeepers to build a bookkeeping business that supports their life, instead of keeping them from living it.

Kajabi is my go to marketing/CRM platform that makes all elements of my online biz operate. Listen to this episode to hear more about why you need a marketing platform/CRM in your bookkeeping biz and why Kajabi is my personal preference.

My Episode on Kajabi as a Bookkeeping CRM

Kajabi is my top pick for a marketing platform because for a price equivalent to half of one monthly client, it allows infinite growth possibilities, time saving, and expansion for your bookkeeping business and beyond.

When you have great tools, you're able to create more and play more and your earning potential and ease of reaching ideal clients expands infinitely. For a difference of typically $109 a month (roughly $40/month for HoneyBook or Dubsado and $149/month for Kajabi), you get a wild range of extra features, with new ones being added all the time.

It allows you to:

  • Host your website and unlimited, completely custom landing pages
  • Sell digital products (DIY templates, or courses)
    • I regularly sell over $1,000/month in DIY templates on auto pilot by leveraging affiliates who are set up properly with Kajabi's affiliate functionality
  • Create blogs (which allow you to answer FAQs and promote your services and digital products as a solution to problems)
  • Use email marketing (to capture and nurture connections)
    • I use monthly email reminders which I batch schedule one time per year to up-sell my free audience to purchase my¬†DIY template¬†and my¬†DIY template¬†members to upgrade to DFY services. I have clients who have started on my email list for free, who are now CFO clients nearing¬†$1M in revenue
  • Create a¬†unlimited forms (for quotes, sign ups, or freebies)
    • When someone submits a form, they are automatically on your email list (see above)
  • Have automatic email responses after submission of forms, including routing to custom landing pages and even selling offers
  • Accept payments using¬†Stripe which connects well with Xero and allows you to see your income and fees separately and easily
  • You can sell any service or offer in Kajabi, with unlimited offers, and you can clone them easily and effortlessly. You are not limited to a proposal process
  • It has a great affiliate program. It's easy to rave about¬†Kajabi's great¬†features¬†to your clients who could likely be a great fit for Kajabi - and when you sign 3 affiliates under your link, it pays for your monthly cost. You keep 30% commissions for life.
  • And more, but if I were just getting started these are the features I would focus on.


Here are some podcast episodes where I talk about Kajabi: