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The Hard Truth: Why You Need to Stop Being a Perfectionist

May 16, 2022



Today’s post is all about perfectionism. Am I speaking directly to you? Let’s go through a little question and answer so you can decide if you’re a perfectionist or not:

  • Do you think being a perfectionist is a positive or admirable quality?
  • Do you think being a perfectionist is somewhat of a badge of honor?

If you answered yes to either of those, you may just be hiding behind your perfectionism. This is especially common for people who are accountants or bookkeepers, because you’re drawn to things that have a process, flow, and a definite answer.

I understand that, but life is about more than the data and the numbers. Let’s talk more about why it’s time for you to shed your perfectionist tendencies in the name of your business and success below.



The Hard Truth of Perfectionism

Perfectionism and people-pleasing go hand in hand, and it’s true that women tend to take on this quality more. I’m here to...

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Why You are Entitled to More Freedom in Your Life (Even if You're Not a Mom!)

May 09, 2022



Today’s post is a bit of a mic drop moment. Here’s the message: you don’t need to be a mom to want more freedom in your life. It’s as simple as that! I want to take a moment to talk about this and to validate you if you’re not a parent but still strive for more freedom and balance in your life.



Everyone is Deserving of Freedom

Many of my listeners and readers are moms or want to be moms, and I’m aware of that. In truth, it makes sense because that’s how my life looks. I have built my business around the purpose of being present with my family. I talk about my kids and life as a working mom a lot because that’s kind of my thing, right?

But, you don’t need to have kids to have this be a priority. Everyone is deserving of the ability to have more life experiences with less stress. I really want to ensure that people know that and pursue the freedom they yearn for regardless of whether...

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How You’ve Helped Make My Bookkeeping Podcast a Success and a Heartfelt Thank You for Listening

May 02, 2022



Wow! I can’t believe I’m already at episode 76 of my podcast Profits + Prosecco. This post is going to be short and sweet, and it’s an appreciation love letter to my listeners.



A Realized Dream

I’ve been podcasting for about 15 months worth of episodes, which equates to about 18 months of work on it overall. I knew I wanted to do this for a long time, but for a while - it was just an idea. I wasn’t ready yet. But when I got there, it was a beautiful thing.

The name of my podcast – Profits + Prosecco -- perfectly describes it. The podcast itself is all about profits, bookkeeping, and what it does for your life. But the Prosecco part is celebratory.

I knew that my podcast would be a big financial and time commitment, which it is – but I also knew it’d be powerful. I’m so happy that I took the plunge and started it.


Following My Own Advice

The advice I give to others in business is to...

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What You Give Up (& What You Gain) When Leaving Corporate America

Apr 25, 2022



Today, I’m going to address something that people frequently fail to talk about. This revolves around what to do about your benefits when you leave corporate America. There are things that you have to let go of when this happens, but I want to bring a new perspective on those items. 

While I don’t have all the answers, I do think this will make you think differently and can address some of the fears that you have when you consider quitting your 9 to 5.



Giving Up Your Corporate Income

A tough pill to swallow when you leave your corporate job can be leaving that income. That income is guaranteed, and when you start your own business, that is not necessarily the case. It can be jarring! But remember - that money is replaceable. I know this from experience. 

When you’re working in corporate America, your eggs are all in one basket. You have a salary cap and it’s hard to make a considerable amount more. But on the...

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Business, Life & Motherhood: My Top Work-Life Balance Tips for Mompreneurs

Apr 18, 2022



I get the same question time and time again, and today – I’m addressing it. The question is: how do I balance everything: business, life, and motherhood? This is a complex topic, but an important one! I’m simplifying it to help you balance it all on your end, so let’s talk more about this below. 

I’m covering things like whether or not I have mom guilt, how I let go of perfectionism, and what my “secret” is to doing it all. It’ll be an impactful post, so let’s get started!



Balancing It All With Intentionality 

The biggest thing that helps me “do it all” is doing it with intentionality. We focus on this heavily in my courses, and I encourage you to check out my 2022 Intention Setting & Calendar Planning Workshop on my website if this is something you’re looking to do more artfully.

But really, I ask myself a simple question – what do I want and how do I...

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How to Make $10K a Month in Your Bookkeeping Business With Your Dream Team

Apr 11, 2022



We’re all in it to make a living, right? Well, that’s why I want to talk about something related to your income in today’s post. Here, I’ll break down how to make $10,000 of monthly profit in your bookkeeping business while employing a team. 

In episode 51 of my podcast, we talk about making $2,500 a month without childcare or a team behind you. But the truth is that there’s no limit to how much you can make, which is why I want to break down a more expansive income today.  

The model I’m going to explore would allow you to work part-time, employ a lean time, and net $10k of monthly profit. In this breakdown, I’m VERY transparent about what’s realistic and feasible. With that being said, keep reading to learn how it works.



A Client Breakdown to Earn $10k in a Month

For this example, I came up with a hypothetical list of clients and prices you’d need to get you to your monthly...

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ADP vs. Gusto & How to Choose the Best Payroll Partners for Your Bookkeeping Biz

Apr 04, 2022



Today’s topic is about payroll partners and the two that I work with and recommend. Gusto and ADP are the two that I work with, and I think they’re both excellent platforms. I recommend that you become a partner of each of these and then you can pair your clients based on different preferences.

Be sure to check out a full rundown of these options on my site as a tool for deciding which may be better suited for you or a specific client. This resource has full demos with each payroll rep and will allow you to collect all relevant information on both platforms. 



My Experience with ADP and Gusto

So, I work with both of these platforms. My personal preference is ADP, but Gusto is also an amazing platform that has wonderful features. I was actually a Gusto fanatic, but then was converted over to ADP. ADP offers a highly personalized experience and I would describe ADP as more of a service while Gusto is more of a software.


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How to Navigate Overly Aggressive Tax Strategies as a Bookkeeper

Mar 28, 2022



In today’s post, I’m talking about how you can handle overly aggressive tax strategies, whether it’s your client’s decision or that your client is relying on you for advice. Many times, clients will learn online from someone who seems credible, whether they’re preparing their tax return for them or not. 

This is a very important topic, and I am going to explain what our role is as bookkeepers and how I approach this topic with my clients. It’s so vital to truly understand the risk involved so that you can speak to your clients accordingly and help them handle it if a client is using an overly aggressive “tax strategy” to the point where you’re uncomfortable. 

I know this topic may be controversial. I think some people will be grateful to have this resource, and that’s why I want to address it. But I want to be clear - I’m NOT talking about the normal things that business owners do or those...

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How One Libby™ Student Built a Successful Bookkeeping Business as a Stay at Home Mom

Mar 21, 2022



In today’s post, I’m recapping my conversation with LoriAnn, who is a virtual bookkeeper and the CFO of The Creative Entrepreneur. She also started working with me through taking the BOB (now Libby) program, and she shares a lot about how that has affected her business.

LoriAnn didn’t realize the potential impact of starting her bookkeeping business, and she doesn’t even remember how she stumbled upon my Instagram page. When reading my page and diving deeper into what I had to offer, she didn’t believe that what I was describing was realistic. But, alas, here she is- having brought what she dreamed about to life! Let’s learn more about her experience below.



Career Shifts During Times of Change 

LoriAnn joined the program a year and five months ago and was about to have her second baby. She was pushing hard before her baby came, which I totally relate to. When I was pregnant with my third child, I also...

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How to Consider and Make Business Investment Decisions (& Feel Good About Them!)

Mar 14, 2022



Welcome back for another interesting post about how you can grow your business and achieve the freedom you yearn for in your life. Today, I want to talk about how to think about investments. This can be a daunting thing, but it doesn’t have to be! 

Let’s talk about how you can think about investments, plan for them, and decide to make them even when there’s a risk involved. Making sound investments can make you a better business owner, even if they end up being something you learn from rather than earn from. The truth is that investments can be expansive instead of scary. Let’s get into that more below.



Setting the Investment Stage 

First, let’s be clear that a “big” investment is different for every person. For that reason, the dollar amount doesn’t really matter. But if you’re pausing when considering an investment, it means that it’s a big deal to you and it feels...

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