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Which Platform Is Right for You? Learn About the 3 Best Bookkeeping CRM Systems

Mar 07, 2022



It can be really tough to zero in on which platforms and tools you want to use for your bookkeeping business. To help simplify the process, this post is meant to share my three recommendations for CRM marketing platforms. I actually have some codes and discounts for all of them, so even if you already have one that you like, this post could still be of interest to you!



What’s the Purpose of a CRM?

Before I dive into my recommendations, I want to talk about the point of a CRM or marketing platform in general. This will allow you to have an online presence and bring clients in to build trust and save time on both ends, for your clients and you. 

There are five important elements that you need in a platform or system that allows you to bring a client from lead capture to quoting. They are:

  • Landing Page - A simple website - shows information about you and allows people to take the next steps in working with you
  • Intake From - Where you...
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How to Look Beyond the Price When Investing in Your Future & Your Business

Feb 28, 2022



This post is going to be shorter than usual, but that doesn’t mean it’s just as valuable! I was struck with inspiration to record a podcast about this topic, and this post accompanies the episode. Here, I talk about something I have been thinking about - conscious buying. 

This is about making a clear decision to purchase something, investing in yourself and your business. I’m talking about this through the lens of not only a person who sells things but also someone who makes sizable investments for herself.



My Marketing Hat Perspective 

I’ve been receiving a lot of applications for my different programs. These are people who want to join the program and experience their transformation.  I put the applications together very intentionally to set the tone of what’s happening, let the buyer see the value, and make sure they’re equipped with the information of what they’re purchasing.

When I am...

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BABs & BOB Program Alumna Lisa Kinser: A Conversation on Quitting Your 9 to 5

Feb 21, 2022



I’m so excited that in my most recent podcast episode, I was joined by Lisa Kinser. Lisa is the owner of Simply Booked - Modern Bookkeeping. She’s also the mom of two spunky little girls, Oklahoma born and raised, loves boba tea, sleeping in, data analysis, and carbs. 

Lisa was a former student in both BABs and BOB. In our conversation, she shared her experience in the programs as well as her excitement for Libby. I’m recapping our conversation below so you can learn from a firsthand account about the programs and their impact.



Lisa’s Story

Lisa describes herself as a part of the great resignation of 2021. She was working as a payroll accountant and, ever since quitting her job, she considers herself to be a certified bada$$. Since leaving her corporate job, she feels like she’s had a positive shift in her life. 

When she left her job, she started a party rental business. She started looking into doing the...

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Finding Balance as a Busy Working Mom: What Your Boss Doesn't Want You to Know About Bookkeeping

Feb 14, 2022



Do you want to be let in on a secret that your boss doesn’t want you to know about bookkeeping? Of course you do! Lucky for you - I’m here to clue you in!

In today’s post, I’m spilling the secret and talking about the freedoms my business has provided me with, which I value more than anything. I have a LOT to share, so keep reading!



The Secret and My Story

So here’s the secret: a bookkeeping business may be the answer to your prayers and your ticket out of your corporate job. If your job knew this - they probably wouldn’t be in their job themselves. So we can’t blame them for not spilling the beans.

From the time I was 15, I was always working. Before I knew it, I was a CPA and had been promoted to a manager at my corporate tax job. At the time, I also found myself to be pregnant - which was also part of the plan! I found myself not really knowing how I was going to continue working and be the mom that I...

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How to Have a Life AND a Bookkeeping Business Your Way with Libby

Feb 07, 2022



In this post, I’m debriefing on my past few posts and talking about my Programs Personified. I’ve had a transformational experience with my programs - especially given I began my journey when I had my third child.

I knew I had the power to help other people with my bookkeeping business. My business had surpassed where I wanted it to be and I wanted to protect my boundaries and not take on more clients.

However, I couldn’t keep up with the inquiries coming in. I had potential dream clients wanting to work with me. BUT - I couldn’t go back on the commitment I made to myself and my family and take on more clients at that time.



Recapping BOB and BABs

From there, BOB was born! I knew I needed to tell good accountants how they could run a business like I was. Throughout the years, I’ve seen that those who joined BOB - which will now morph into Libby - don’t need me to give them clients. They need to know how to...

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Office Gossip Part 3: The Transition, aka Build on Your Solid Foundations to Embrace a New Future

Jan 31, 2022



Time for part three of my three-act production with some of my most beloved characters. (And if you missed the first two acts, start here first!)

Here we go! 

The Players: BOB, Katie (me), and Libby (my vision for the future)



Scene One: Katie and BOB on the hunt for a new team member/replacement for BOB

Katie: Hey, BOB, come check out this application that came through. 

BOB: Oh, you got one already? 

Katie: One? I've had dozens, but this one is standing out. Guess who it is? 

BOB: Do I know this person? 

Katie: You sure do. It's Libby. 

BOB:  Libby, a past student. Hmm, that's amazing. I didn't even consider that. 

Katie Yeah, a past student of our program makes a lot of sense, right? 

BOB: Absolutely. Not only do they understand our ideology, but they walked in that capacity. In some sense, I think this could be even more valuable to future students. 

Katie: Yeah, definitely. Plus, Libby has...

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Office Gossip Part 2: The Confrontation, aka Set Yourself Free Because You Deserve Happiness

Jan 24, 2022



Time for part two of my three-act production with some of my most beloved characters. (And if you missed Office Gossip Part 1: The Build Up, start here first!)

Let’s begin:

The Players: BOB, BABs (BOB’s best friend/coworker), Ariel (BOB’s wife), and Katie (aka me, The Boss)



Scene One: BOB and BABs have a chat.

BOB: Hey, Babs, boy, do I have something to tell you. 

BABs: What?

BOB: Today's the day. 

BABs: What do you mean?

BOB: I just know. I know. I have to tell Katie what I'm thinking. I owe her the respect of letting her know my plans so we can figure out an exit strategy. Like I said, I'm going to finish this season out. I owe that to everyone, but I can't keep fighting this pull anymore. I have to give my resignation and work on a replacement. 

BABs: Oh my goodness, how do you feel? 

BOB: I'm nervous. I'm not sure how she'll take it, but it's even harder to keep spiraling with this decision and delaying...

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Office Gossip Part 1: The Build Up, aka Someone Save BOB™ & Give Him the Freedom to Change!

Jan 17, 2022



This week, I’ll be taking on a different approach and acting out the first scene in a three-act production with some of my most beloved characters.

Let’s begin:

The Players: BOB, BABs (BOB’s best friend/coworker), Ariel (BOB’s wife), and Katie (aka me, The Boss)



Scene One: BOB and his wife, Ariel, are together and talking. BOB is venting his frustrations, and his wife, Ariel, is a voice of reason. So enter Ariel...

Ariel: Hey, BOB, how was work? 

BOB: Uh, honestly, I'm just feeling so burnt out. 

Ariel: Really? When did you start feeling that way? 

BOB: I've been feeling it for months. I keep trying to just push it down and push through. But lately, I find myself tired, uninspired, stressed. I really love what I do and I know I'm good at it, but something just doesn't fit anymore, and I'm not really sure how to fix it. I've tried a lot of things, and I know I'm lucky to have this gig. Past versions of me...

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Bookkeeping Solo: How to Build Confidence at Work & Branch Out on Your Own

Jan 10, 2022



I love making my living for myself; the freedom and flexibility it affords me is the ultimate benefit. It’s why apart from doing clients’ books, I also create and teach the programs I offer. Everyone who wants it should have a way to achieve what I have. 

One of the most common questions I get is whether or not people just starting out can use my program and jump right into working for themselves, or if they should work for someone else first. 

I’m sorry for this answer, but frankly, it depends.



Independence is Directly Proportional to Your Confidence

I’m not going to lie; working for someone else can really only benefit you, especially if you go for a company that is bigger or more complex than you would eventually like to be. That way, when you finally do decide to go it alone, your work will seem easier by comparison.

Also, you’ll have the confidence you need since you've done the work and more complex...

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The Tax Man Is Coming: How to Be Financially Prepared as an Entrepreneur

Jan 03, 2022



I’m excited for you to listen to this episode of Profits + Prosecco Podcast! It’s the most stressful time of the year! Taxes are barreling down upon us all, and if you’re terrified of delving into the past year’s financials you are far from alone. 

I’ve been there, and I know how petrifying it can be when you feel like your finances are out of control. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret…you got this. So:

*deep breath* 

That’s better. Now trust me when I say we are going to fix this, and we just might manage to get into some better financial habits going into 2022 while we’re at it.



Why Are You Avoiding Finances Like Trader Joe’s on a Saturday?

There you are. Unsure, doubting your worth as a business owner. But ironically, you’re impeding your own progress and potential. So stop operating from doubt, and instead try and take action from a place of self-trust....

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