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Become A Bookkeeper™

Teaches the skill of bookkeeping for a simple, in demand industry using my go to software, Xero.

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Life By the Books™

Guides you to build a profitable, part time bookkeeping business that supports your ideal life.

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7 Ways a Bookkeeping Business Can Give You Freedom

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How to Profit $10k/month with a Bookkeeping Business

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The Profits + Prosecco Podcast

Best from the podcast for bookkeepers

For Aspiring Bookkeepers

Ep 80: 6 Secrets to a Simple, Scalable Bookkeeping Biz

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For Experienced Bookkeepers

Ep 73: How to Net $10k a Month as a Bookkeeper

Coaching Client Stories

Get inspired by listening to stories from my coaching clients.

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Free on-demand 4-day virtual event

6 Secrets to Starting a Simple, Scalable Bookkeeping Business

Not all bookkeeping businesses are created equally.

There is a reason why mine has been able to be successful monetarily, with my time, and on the impact it has on my clients.

This series breaks down my 6 secrets, allows you to hear from a panel of “Quitters” whose bookkeeping businesses allowed them to quit their jobs, and have an honest discussion on if you actually have the technical skills to start a business, or if honing your skills should come first.