Payroll Partners for Bookkeepers


There are many payroll providers, but I have two favorites, ADP and Gusto.

On this page I will share details about each and links to get you started as a partner.

Inside my program Life By the Books™, my payroll rep from each company came in to share more about their platforms and how they can benefit you and your clients and share more about how they partner with bookkeepers and accountants.

Below, you can view those workshops in full and connect with the rep who hosted each.

Listen to my podcast episode where I break this all down. Click the links below to listen on your preferred streaming platform.

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Download the full comparison guide of my top 2 recommended payroll providers.

See a side by side comparison of ADP and Gusto


ADP Partner Program with Hannah Joyce

and directly connect with my payroll rep

Why ADP is my personal preference

  • Personal touch
    • She is responsive and helpful and I know I am supported with a human on my side who will get on the phone with me or clients when needed
  • Seamless integration with retirement contributions
    • If your clients have to cut a check, there is room for error and more administrative tasks. I dislike both of those things
  • Free payroll for your firm, forever
    • Gusto says they will honor this, but it is not actually their policy. With ADP you get free payroll for your firm without interruption or a special request
  • Timelines of processing payroll
    • The time it takes from pulling funds from the employer to depositing them to employees is faster on ADP. I prefer this as someone who runs payroll, so I appreciate it for my clients
  • ADP's resources
    • They impressed me immensely during the PPP days with education and tools that topped their competitors 
  • Hands off onboarding
    • ADP sets up your clients, no matter their size, and runs their payroll with them for the first time. Time savings for you means cost savings for your client and that's a win all around
  • Earning potential for you
    • It's not my primary motivator, as I only refer things that actually work, but I've made thousands as an ADP partner and you continue to earn for the lifetime of your referrals relationship with ADP, whether they are a client of yours or not.
  • Price matching of competitors
    • If your clients are using ADP competitors, speak to Hannah about switching

Gusto Partner Program with Kenzie Pugleasa๐Ÿ‘‡

by using my Gusto referral link

When I use Gusto and things worth noting:

  • Visually appealing platform
    • Gusto is a visually appealing platform, and sometimes people strongly prefer that
  • Contractor only payments
    • If your client is using a payroll system only to pay contractors (no employees, including no S Corp owner), Gusto may be the simplest plan. ADP technically doesn't offer this, though if you connect with Hannah she will see if she can pass it through.
  • Foreign contractor payments
    • If your clients have workers who live and work remotely in another country, Gusto is able to pay them, while ADP does not
  • When your client is extremely budget conscious and runs more than 1 payroll per month
    • Gusto has a flat monthly fee per worker, and not by payroll run. This is a competitive advantage over ADP, who charges per pay cycle. Most of my clients only run one payroll per month so this doesn't affect them, but if your client is going to run payroll multiple times per month it is worth noting
  • Native time tracking by project
    • Clients who only pay themselves on payroll won't need time tracking, but clients who pay team members by the hour can use time tracking in either ADP or Gusto. I personally use ADP's native time tracking for my team. Gusto has an advantage in that they allow you to track your team by client or project and calculate the cost of labor as the employer. ADP does have some apps that you could add to do this, but I like when things are all in one spot so this is worth noting.
  • Gusto's people advisory certification
    • I have not taken this yet but it's on my to do list. I have heard great things and recommend taking it to broaden your payroll knowledge.