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Add the Formulas Workshop for $197.

This 2 hour on demand workshop will cover my favorite formulas plus tips and tricks for spreadsheets.

I’ll be demoing Google Sheets because it’s an amazing free and easy to use tool. If you’re excel obsessed, you’re in good company. Most is translatable!

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Digital Products Workshop

A DIY bookkeeping template is a BEAUTIFUL addition to a bookkeeping business and it pairs perfectly with the maximized organic efforts I teach inside Life By the Books™

In this 2 hour workshop, I'm going to show you a full behind the scenes tour of the exact system I've used to sell, deliver, and promote my DIY template which has sold over 325 copies and added tens of thousands of dollars of passive income to my bookkeeping business.

We'll be talking about tips for creating the template (I won't be teaching how to use Google Sheets/Excel - you should already have that knowledge for this workshop) but I will share tips on how to create it so it works as intended both for you and the customer, leading to less work on your part and fewer complaints.

Then I'll teach you how to package, sell, and deliver it so it's truly a passive product and not some clunky hot mess of systems that adds clerical work for you and sales road blocks or frustration for your potential customer.

Next, I'll tell you how to best promote it and get people on board with the idea of a DIY template.

I'll also share how to create a seamless affiliate program and leverage affiliates so that you can get in front of other audiences and incentivize the host, all while making the process automated and effortless for both you and your affiliate alike - nevermind for the customer!

And lastly, I'll show you how to effortlessly upsell/downsell your DFY services and DIY template as well as nurture the relationship from a DIY customer to eventually get them to become DFY clients - about 20% of my DFY clients were once owners of my DIY kit!

I'll be showing you behind the scenes of my Kajabi (the platform I use to sell and deliver, if you want to know more about what Kajabi is, check out this episode) including automations and best practices to make this an effective, effortless, and leveraged offer that actually helps people!

Story Time:

In the summer of 2019, I created a digital DIY bookkeeping template and "launched" it to my email list of under 100 people for $17. I made $340 that weekend. Since then, my Small Biz Starter Kit has gotten in the hands of 323 people and counting, and the price has jumped from $17, to $27, to $127, to $197. This product has not only earned tens of thousands of dollars of passive revenue for my business, but it has truly been a solution for starting entrepreneurs that provides clarity as they begin their business on a budget. Some of my best clients upgraded from my DIY template into monthly bookkeeping, and even CFO clients.

Offer Time:

In the Digital Products Workshop, I take you on a behind the scenes tour of what my process is and how I seamlessly merge my digital products with my service business. While I will focus on bookkeeping templates and a bookkeeping biz, the truth is any kind of digital DIY product for any type of service based business will benefit from this workshop.

In this on demand virtual workshop, you will be shown my best tips & tricks for selling digital products as a companion to your bookkeeping business.

I will focus on templates created in Google Sheets and sold on Kajabi, as they are my preferred platform.

What You Get:

  • You'll see a behind the scenes tour of Kajabi and learn:
    • Tips for creating your Google Sheets template
    • How to sell and deliver your product
    • How to get someone to buy
    • How to create and leverage an affiliate program, including a discussion on ideal affiliate partners
    • How to use your template as a circular upsell/downsell to your bookkeeping services
    • Q&A

Prerequisites and Disclaimers:

You should be familiar with how to create a template, as I will not be teaching how to use Google Sheets or Excel, though I will share tips for those with a base knowledge.

This is not a required part of a successful bookkeeping business, but it is a great addition to one.

This purchase does not offer refunds.

This event has already taken place live. You will get an instant access replay.

Call to Action:

For a cost equivalent to just one of my templates, you get access to the intimate know-how of my system. This is underpriced, so bite now, as price is subject to increase in the future.