You started your online business to make an impact.


Let's make that even easier. 

Take the Off the Top Impact Pledge

Skimming off the top is ok when it's your own darn company!

I know you started your business to make an impact! Not just with the clients you serve and the work that you do, but by giving back to organizations close to your heart.

Yet I'm willing to bet that whether you're just starting out (potentially not yet profitable) or crushing it in sales, even if you're highly profitable - your business isn't consciously contributing in the way you expected or the way you desire.

As a bookkeeper - I can tell you why.

Simply put - it comes down to cash management and having yet another system to implement. 

Money goes in, money goes out, time marches on, and before you know it another year has gone by and your charitable contributions are not what you really want them to be.

The good news is - I have a solution that will make giving back seamless and something you actually do - something that can start small and grow no matter what your finances look like today.

The Off the Top Impact Pledge is a vow that you will contribute a minimum of 1% of your sales to charities of your choice. 1% is affordable even for brand new businesses yet the impact truly adds up! Sure, run and grab your calculator and do the math. Then yes, if you are thinking "I don't have that money just lying around", I know. Most don't and won't. But they also wouldn't notice this % if it were a Stripe processing fee. All my clients always have money for those - because they never actually hit their bank.

That's where your pledge and the submission of this form comes into play.

By making the pledge below and vowing to contribute a minimum of 1% of your company's Stripe income - you are adding your name to a list of online business owners that will be provided to Stripe to request a simple feature change to make this an automated process where the money earmarked for charities never hits the business bank account so it can't get accidentally spent.

I will submit the submissions of this form to Stripe and propose they simply allow users to add more than one bank account for payouts and allow us to allocate percentages of the payouts to the different banks.



99% of the Stripe payout will be deposited to the business checking account as usual

1% of the Stripe payout will be automatically deposited to a separate checking/savings account just for charitable contributions. Then, monthly, quarterly, or annually, you go in to your account and use the funds to make donations to the causes closest to your heart and most in line with your company's values. Over time, the goal would be to increase that % until your business is a charitable machine and the money is automatically set aside.


It can be that simple and your pledge can help us show Stripe that there is a demand for this feature - a demand that can make a profound impact!


So are you in? I sure hope so.

There's no catch, no sales, no spam. Simply enter your name and email address below and you will have made the pledge and gotten us a step closer to creating a software change that can create a real change.