Do you have a plan to profit or are you haphazardly hoping for the best?

You can create a flourishing service based business that gives you time freedom, financial freedom, and fulfillment.

But you can't do it without a clear plan to profit.


Imagine if your business was the source of your bountiful life and not a burden.

What if you...

💭 could make game changing investments for your business without asking permission, pleading your case, or digging yourself into debt because your business was fully supporting itself?

💭 had money leftover (after costs and taxes) to spend on the fun stuff - like that home project filling up your Pinterest boards, that dream vacation you've been dying to take, or that new car you've been coveting?

💭 had a sustainable system that allowed you to live out your purpose long-term because your business is profiting enough to make it all possible without the inevitable burn out of a business stuck in start-up mode?

Quit your day job with confidence and use your business to design a life you love.

With the right strategy and planning you can:

❤ Price your services to profit and make sure your business is not only covering its costs but supporting your ideal life

❤ Reverse engineer your dreams and know the sales you need to get you there

❤ Keep more hard earned money in your pockets by knowing which costs to cut and where it makes sense to invest for future benefit

❤ Avoid tax trouble by setting your business up the right way and avoiding mistakes that can cripple your business

Private Profit Coaching

Get the individual attention you need to maximize your profits without the headache of number crunching so your business becomes a well-oiled money making machine.

Your business is still a baby, but it needs to learn to walk.

All business have costs. and those costs get paid in one of four ways:

1️⃣ By profiting enough to support itself,

2️⃣ By sucking wages from your day job that you're busting your butt to get out of,

3️⃣ By the support of your parents or partner, or

4️⃣ By racking up debt.


The only sustainable one is by profiting enough to support itself. 

The rest will lead to frustration, burn out, arguments, tension, an even worse financial situation than what you had to begin with, and quite possibly closing shop altogether.

We have to get your business out of start-up mode so you can not only cover your costs with your sales, but have an excess that allows you to quit your job, focus on your passions full time, and create a life you love.

Whatever it looks like to you it CAN be done and I can help.


This is for you if...

⭐ Your business is bringing in money but your life isn't changing the way you'd envisioned it would as an entrepreneur.

⭐ You have tried to DIY but don't know where to start so you get overwhelmed and stop.

⭐ You know you've got potential to have a wildly successful business and need help getting it out of start-up mode ASAP.

⭐ You want some hand holding and personalized guidance to take your business to its greatest potential so you can spend more time focusing on the parts of your business you're passionate about and less time trying to master soul sucking tasks you hate.


How Does Profit Coaching Work?

You work closely with me (a licensed CPA, professional bookkeeper, and fellow entrepreneur) for 4 months to design your custom sales goals built around your dream life, measure your progress (without you lifting a finger), and adjust to continuously increase profits.

You get:

GOAL SETTING: A 60 minute deep dive goal setting session where we visualize your dream life and the dollars of sales you need to get there

TAX CONSULTING: A 60 minute tax consulting session where we determine if your business is set up the right way to save you in taxes, discuss payroll, and how to maximize write offs without getting in trouble

BOOKKEEPING: Done for you bookkeeping by my team with financial reports prepared monthly

PROFIT STRATEGY CALLS: Monthly strategy calls with me to review how your business is doing, what the numbers mean, and ways you can increase profits

TOOLS: Immediate access to my Profit Planner Toolkit to make goal setting and sales strategies a quick task with no math


By the end of four months of Profit Coaching you will:

✔ Fearlessly know what you want out of life and what it takes for your business to make those dreams your reality

✔ Have mastered a simple system for continuously setting goals and making adjustment to increase profits month after month

✔ Finally start feeling the results of your #bossbabe status and no longer feel like you're stuck in the hustle without real changes in your life to show for it

✔ Sleep better knowing that your business is set up the right way to save you from making tax mistakes that can cripple your business

✔ Have a solid grip on the bloodline of your business and feel confident and capable of achieving long-term success so you never have to go back to working for the man

Are you ready to whip your business in shape and lead the life you're destined for in 4 months?

I offer this high level service to a small group of individuals. Let's see if we're a fit!

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"Katie's accounting knowledge has been a huge part of the growth of my creative small business. As an entrepreneur herself she understands the importance of key tools and tips to keep the numbers side of the company running smoothly and has allowed us to focus on the creative side of our company."

Natalia Otalora
Owner, Papel & Co.

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