Hey, bookkeepers!

(and aspiring ones)


Xero is my bookkeeping software of choice. It's time to learn the perks, sign up as a partner (for free) and begin your journey.


I know learning a new software can seem daunting,

but not more daunting than growing your practice without an efficient, ever improving software to support you and save you time.


Why I love Xero (and why you will too!)


Stripe & PayPal Feed

If your clients use Stripe and PayPal you know the pain of getting accurate, powerful data in QBO. Xero connects Stripe and PayPal like a bank which means you see income, fees, payouts, funding, transfers, and expenses all on separate lines. You can create rules and provide powerful data in an instant.

No Bad Guesses  

QBO will automatically assign charges to ambiguous accounts. Xero doesn't do this. Rules and auto population are done based on history you've entered or rules you've created. This provides you with better work without accidentally coding a transaction wrong.

Amazing Features

Cash coding (batch edit and approve hundreds of transactions at the click of a button), customizable reports (with formulas!), smart bank reconciliations, find and recode, Hubdoc integrations (pulls statements for you), and much more makes working with the data easy and efficient.

Partner and Customer Support

Xero knows that when you and your client succeed, so do they. And they act like it. As a partner you are treated like a human, not a number in queue, and you will be given ample ways to succeed. They are always listening and improving.

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