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It's time to book out your bookkeeping business.

Getting clients doesn't have to be hard, lonely, or take a long time.

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In This Program You'll Learn:


How to get clear on your marketing message and your offers FAST so that you have everything to build your business before you take action


Exactly how to gain maximum visibility and credibility to grow an audience of qualified leads, clients, and referrals.


A simple system that lets you pre-screen leads and confidently close sales calls without stumbling or wasting time talking to the wrong people.


How to scale your business so you can make those “6 figure” dreams a reality

& soooooo much more!

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You + Booked Out Bookkeeper™ = the support & strategies you need to stop dreaming of your bookkeeping business & start building it, FAST!


Can you grow a profitable, part time, feel good agency on your own? Maybe! With enough trial, error, determination, and time.

But if you want to do it FASTER, if you want to do it more CONFIDENTLY, if you want to be SUPPORTED by someone who has been where you desire to go, then Booked Out Bookkeeper™ is for you and the time is NOW.

Are you tired of feeling stagnant, overworked, and short on time while busting your butt for someone else's dream?


Booked Out Bookkeeper™ teaches you how to take your power back and use only the hours you have and what comes naturally to you to get MORE:

I'm talking more:


    To create your own schedule and your own hours. To take control of your life and have more time. You enjoy accounting but working for someone else just isn’t for you anymore. You desire to work less than 40 hours and meet or exceed the income you make now.

    To be present with your family. To have the ability to spend more time at the park with the kids yet live comfortably and contribute financially. To be the one to drop everything and take your kid to the doctor when she's sick without checking in and asking your boss for permission first. To be able to take a vacation and fully experience your life now, not after retirement.

    You want to use your experience to help others and feel passionate about the difference you make in their lives. You’d love to be able to help small businesses with the financial side of their business so they can spend time on what they’re truly good at and allow them to stay in business pursuing their dreams while you pursue yours.

It's doable. And in Booked Out Bookkeeper™, I show you how.


I replaced my corporate salary working only the hours I used to commute, while raising babies.

I'm Katie Ferro, a licensed CPA, mama of 3 kiddos ages 4 and under, owner of a home-based bookkeeping business, and a coach to aspiring and scaling bookkeepers.

I know it's possible to grow an at-home, part-time, profitable, bookkeeping business because I've done it and I've helped others do it too.

I left corporate in a strange twist of fate one month before my oldest son was born.

Beneath me, rather unstrategically, a bookkeeping business began to grow.

After saying yes only when opportunity knocked and hoarding a small handful of clients for a couple of years, I made the decision to stop playing small and make the most of my skills.

In a few short months, while pregnant with my third baby, I gained 13 new clients, hired 4 bookkeepers, and grew my agency to surpass the corporate tax manager salary I left behind while still being a very present parent and never missing a sacred bedtime.

Then my baby was born and I tried to hit cruise control but the leads just kept coming, and that is when Booked Out Bookkeeper™ was born, designed to close the gap for talented accountants who needed help attracting and closing leads with confidence.

Booked Out Bookkeeper™ contains the strategies I used to book out my agency and the support needed to condense the amount of time it takes to replicate the results for yourself so you can spend your time working towards your dreams, and not your boss's.

COVID and quarantine didn't stop the success stories in Booked Out Bookkeeper™, instead, it highlighted how necessary and secure bookkeeping is.

I've had the privilege of facilitating some amazing results for the people in BOB, and you can be next!

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  • Having clear, specific steps to attract, sign, and serve dream clients

  • Opening your inbox to find qualified leads asking to work with you

  • Signing dream clients who love you, sing your praises, & refer you

  • Quitting your job, never looking back, and truly becoming your own boss, and treating yourself to regular paychecks, time off, and maybe even a couple of presents! (best boss ever!)

It's possible, and inside Booked Out Bookkeeper™ I show you how.

What's Included:


Video Training & Resources ($3,997 Value)

This high value program includes lifetime access to trainings that walk you through the Booked Out Bookkeeper™ framework with all the videos, downloads and guides you need to support you on your learning path. It is in depth, yet actionable and built with your busy life and big goals in mind.

To get the most out of this program, it's important to go through each lesson to understand the core methods of how to book out your business.

You will have lifetime access to the modules and future updates, even after your time in the program is over.



3x Monthly Group Coaching ($1,997 Value)

For your 12 week period inside the program, you will be able to participate in three 60-minute Zoom calls per month with Katie where you'll be able to ask questions, receive live training and feedback, and get the support and accountability you need to follow through.

Your commitment to these calls and attendance on them is an important step to reaching your goals. Those who get the greatest results prioritize their attendance and make the most of the time by asking questions and engaging.

A week before kickoff we will vote on the day and time of our calls.. You will be able to ask questions before calls in case you cannot attend live and you will have access to call replays during your time in the program.


Members Only Facebook Group ($997 Value)

For your 4 month period inside the program, you will have access inside of our active members only Facebook Community for additional coaching, support, and feedback outside of scheduled calls to get the timely attention you need.

You not only get access to Katie herself in this group, but also the other active members who range from seasoned CPAs to Bookkeepers just starting their journey. You'll find us all coming together regularly to solve problems in the group.


Templates, Trackers, Prompts, & More ($797 Value)

Download and use instantly. Take the guesswork out of everything from checklists, lead and pitch trackers, sales frameworks, scripts, prompts, and MORE.


Physical Booked Out Bookkeeper™ Workbook ($497 Value)

You'll receive a physical copy of the comprehensive BOB™ workbook sent right to your door, filled with activities, exercises and resources that help you take idea to action.


Workshop: Mastering Bookkeeping for Online Biz Owners ($497 Value)

This powerful training gives a deep dive into how to connect with and serve the growing industry of online business owners with step-by-step visuals and instructions on how I manage books, set up reports and more! You'll see robust behind the scenes examples that will be a game-changer for you and your business.


Expert Trainings ($1,997 Value)

On demand expert trainings covering topics such as Podcast Pitching, Leveraging LinkedIn, Managing Payroll & Earning Income for your firm, and more.


Total Value $10,779

But considering Booked Out Bookkeeper™ is the step by step framework to booking out your business with monthly recurring revenue and a repeatable process for singing clients, it truly is invaluable.


The Result? 

A booked out business & a fulfilled life.

The Result? 

A booked out business and a fulfilled life.

How Do I Know if I'm Ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're tired of working for someone else and need an escape route, stat.
  • You believe in your success but need someone to help guide you through the steps, someone who has been there before.
  • You have the brains and skills to do the work, but need help finding the clients and building the business.
  • You are committed to the end goal and won't give up easily.
  • You are willing to put in the strategic work now to buy your freedom back later.

Not for you if:

  • You have no accounting education, experience, or training. This is for people ready to do the work.
  • You make excuses and quit at the first road block that presents itself.
  • You are afraid to question the way you've been doing things and are comfortable where you are.
  • You aren't ready to take the necessary steps to move your business forward.
  • You don't see the value in investing in your business and believe you can do it all yourself.
I'm Ready!

Here's What Members Are Saying...


The strategies and support that Katie provides really do work. My business was stalled before I started this program, but that has changed! My business is growing in the middle of a global pandemic, which blows my mind. I'm doing things I literally said I would never do and loving every minute of it!


I don't regret one penny I have spent with Katie. Starting out from scratch and zero clients to having the confidence to raise my prices and not "give away" my services. I paid on the weekend my computer melted - it was NOT in the budget and the course cost the same amount I had to shell out for an equivalent laptop the weekend before Christmas. I wanted to do it - felt I SHOULD do it... and took a chance.

What's the Cost?

Booked Out Bookkeeper™ can pay itself back by signing just one client, but that is only how your story will begin.

You'll use what you learn to grow your practice, and keep the clients paying you monthly for years to come, long after Booked Out Bookkeeper™ is just a fond memory of that time you bet on yourself and changed your life.





Frequently Asked Questions

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It's time to get booked out.

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