What happened to BOB?

If you ended up on this page, then you're familiar with my program Booked Out Bookkeeper™, or what I affectionately refer to as BOB.

BOB was an incredible part of my mission to help accountants create a bookkeeping business designed to give them a life of freedom and autonomy and allow them to replace their corporate salary and make their business produce full time income without full time hours.

And we did that.

But the structure of BOB has enhanced to support the full vision, and with it, the name evolved, too. Now, rather than a focus on "booking out" within 4 months, we focus on intentionality and ensuring we take well thought moves and build a business designed around our lives, which are all unique. And time pressure or constraints are no longer part of the process.

The best parts of BOB were brought to the program that replaces it, Life By the Books™ (aka "Libby"). Libby is ready for you now. You can skip the backstory and apply now by clicking here.

But if you want to catch up and hear more about why I shut down BOB and replaced it with Libby, how this was done with you in mind, and learn some lessons I learned throughout the process, you can head to episode 61 of the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play now, or simply click the links below to bring up the relevant episodes and their captions.

I got a little creative and told this story through a scripted play, and I invite you to catch up now!

Office Gossip Part 1: The Build Up
BOB gets burnt out
Office Gossip Part 2: The Confrontation
BOB Resigns
Office Gossip Part 3: The Resolution
Bob gets replaced
Office Gossip Debrief
The series in plain English & The reason for change
Ep. 61
Office Gossip Part 1: The Build Up

Office Gossip Part 1: The Build Up

This week, I’ll be taking on a different approach and acting out the first scene in a three-act production with some of my most beloved characters.


Let’s begin:


The Players: BOB, BABs (BOB’s best friend/coworker), Ariel (BOB’s wife), and Katie (aka me, The Boss)


Scene One: BOB and his wife, Ariel, are together and talking. BOB is venting his frustrations, and his wife, Ariel, is a voice of reason. So enter Ariel...


Ariel: Hey, BOB, how was work? 


BOB: Uh, honestly, I'm just feeling so burnt out. 


Ariel: Really? When did you start feeling that way? 


BOB: I've been feeling it for months. I keep trying to just push it down and push through. But lately, I find myself tired, uninspired, stressed. I really love what I do and I know I'm good at it, but something just doesn't fit anymore, and I'm not really sure how to fix it. I've tried a lot of things, and I know I'm lucky to have this gig. Past versions of me would be so disappointed in how I feel that I'm not more grateful. I feel like a jerk, and so many people depend on me. 


Ariel: Oh, don't judge yourself so harshly. Tell me more about why you feel stressed and uninspired. 


BOB: Well, I guess there are two separate things with the lack of inspiration. I just feel tied down to structure. I'm not able to just flow anymore like it was in the beginning. But at the same time, this is what the people need. They need my structure. 


Ariel: Do they? 


BOB: I think so. 


Ariel: If they had to choose between your inspiration or your structure, which do you think would serve them best? 


BOB: Hmm, that's a good point, dear. 


Ariel: And BOB, what is it that makes you stressed? Why are you feeling stressed? Tell me more about that. 


BOB: Well, I guess my focus is just shifting, even though my schedule is so flexible, I find myself wanting even more freedom like limitless amounts of freedom. I don't want to have a calendar or be responsible for anything anymore. I want to really come and go as I please. I am so keenly aware of any personal time I'm sacrificing right now that even though I love what I do, and even though not too much is being asked of me, the sacrifice of my personal time and not being completely obligation-free is starting to fill me with daily dread. 


Ariel: Well, BOB, what would you do if anything were possible? 


BOB: Oh, I'd pack my bags, list this house on Airbnb. Turn off my phone. Throw away my calendar and you, me, and the kids would Airbnb hop. We'd start on an island, but the national parks would be next. I've always wanted to do that. 


Ariel: Well, I'm game. What's stopping you? Is it money? 


BOB: No, I'm so grateful that it's not money. I just feel like everyone depends on me. I'm so fortunate for that, too. But lately, the pressure is really heavy. I don't want to be that necessary. 


Ariel: Well, you know I love you, BOB. But if your heart isn't in it anymore, are they even getting the version of you they need?


BOB: Hmm, that's worth considering. 


Ariel: You know, I'll support you no matter what you choose, I'm here to talk it through some more, but I really challenge you to start thinking of what's possible instead of what's required and don't shove those feelings down. That never gets you anywhere. Your feelings are a compass. When you feel bad, you're going in the wrong direction.  


Scene Two: BOB and BABs, his office bestie. (This is a play on my character BABs from the program Become a Bookkeeper. And just a little bit about BABs before you get into it, as she's super type A. That also makes her a little bit of a worrywart.) Alright, so here comes BABs... 


BABs: Hey, BOB, get ready for the busy season again. I can't believe how quickly it comes up every time. 


BOB: Hey, BABs, I have to be honest, my heart really isn't in it this season. Lately, I can't stop thinking about being completely obligation-free, retiring, and just living life off the grid. My wife and I were talking about it last night. It's getting harder to fight the feeling. 


BABs: Oh BOB, we need you. Plus, you love what you do. You're always the first to say it. 


BOB: Don't worry, BABs. You know I care too much about you all to leave you high and dry. I'll push through this season for sure, but honestly, I'm not sure how much longer I have in me. 


BABs: Maybe you just need a vacation? 


BOB: Maybe. 


Scene Three: This is with BABs and me, Katie, The Boss. So again, here comes BABs...


BABs: Hey, Katie, can I talk to you for a second? 


Katie: Sure, BABs, anytime, but this doesn't sound good. Are you OK? 


BABs: Yeah, I'm OK. It's just— it's BOB. 


Katie: What about BOB? 


BABs: Well, I really shouldn't be saying this. I'm just worried about him, and I'm worried about the team. Promise me you won't say anything?


Katie: You're worrying me. Whatever it is, you know you can tell me. 


BABs: Well, earlier today I was just making small talk, and he mentioned being burnt out. He said he can't stop thinking about living off the grid. Honestly, I'm always seeing him on Airbnb, reading and browsing unique stays. The other day, he was showing me houseboats. You can rent houses on cliffs and even tree houses. Sometimes he talks about road tripping the West Coast and visiting the national parks, but today it just sounded different. He said he doesn't know how much more he has in him. He said he'd stay through this season, but what if he quits? What will we do? We can't do it without BOB.


Katie: I think you should talk to him. Maybe he just needs a vacation.


BABs: I suggested that. He didn't say no. 


Katie: I can sort of see that in his behavior. He still does a great job, but I could tell something was bothering him. I just didn't know it was that. 


BABs: Are you going to talk to him? 


Katie: I'm not sure. From what I know about BOB, he's capable of reaching his decision and he knows he always has a safe space with me. I think I'll just give him time and space. When he's ready, he'll come to me. 


BABs: Aren't you worried?


Katie: I'd hate to see BOB go, but I'd also hate for him to be here if his heart isn't in it. He deserves more than that, don't you think? 


BABs: I guess I just, what will we do?


Katie: It will work out. It always does, doesn't it? 


BABs: I guess so. 


Katie: What about you? How are you doing here, BABs? 


BABs: I'm great, never better. I have long-term plans, and I think that's why this is bothering me so much. I hate to be selfish, but I'm really attached to BOB. 


Katie: I'm glad you're happy here. It's so good to have you. We all love BOB, but it'll be OK. Let's be patient and see how it unfolds. 


BABs: I wish I could be so zen about this. 


(A Lesson in Trust: The Bottomline)


Katie: You can. It's a choice. Just trust the process. 


I hope you all enjoyed me getting creative and are excited for the next installment! Be sure to join us next week to see how the story unfolds in Office Gossip Part 2: The Confrontation.


Will BOB take a much-needed vacation? Will he up and quit out of frustration? Will the team survive without BOB by their side?


Tune in next week for all of these answers, and more...

Ep. 62
Office Gossip Part 2: The Confrontation

Office Gossip Part 2: The Confrontation

Time for part two of my three-act production with some of my most beloved characters. (And if you missed Office Gossip Part 1: The Build Up, start here first!)


Let’s begin:


The Players: BOB, BABs (BOB’s best friend/coworker), Ariel (BOB’s wife), and Katie (aka me, The Boss)


Scene One: BOB and BABs have a chat.


BOB: Hey, Babs, boy, do I have something to tell you. 


BABs: What?


BOB: Today's the day. 


BABs: What do you mean?


BOB: I just know. I know. I have to tell Katie what I'm thinking. I owe her the respect of letting her know my plans so we can figure out an exit strategy. Like I said, I'm going to finish this season out. I owe that to everyone, but I can't keep fighting this pull anymore. I have to give my resignation and work on a replacement. 


BABs: Oh my goodness, how do you feel? 


BOB: I'm nervous. I'm not sure how she'll take it, but it's even harder to keep spiraling with this decision and delaying it. I think I'll feel better once we've had the conversation. 


BABs: What do you think she'll say? 


BOB: I'm not really sure. I keep running down different scenarios, but at this point it's just starting to make me crazy. As soon as I see her door open, I'm going in. Wish me luck. 


BABs: Good luck!


Scene Two: Bob and Katie have a chat.


BOB: Hey, Katie, do you have a moment? 


K: Hi, BOB. The door is always open for you.


BOB: This feels heavy and I don't really know where to start. 


K: Take your time. 


BOB: I want to start just by thanking you; a couple of years ago, all of this was just a dream. 


K: The dream was even smaller than this, wasn't it?


BOB: It was. It's crazy to think about what we've accomplished in only two short years. It went fast. But also so much has happened. It feels like a month and 10 years all at once.


BOB: I know, think of all the people we've helped. 


K: That's what it's all about, right? It's such an honor to be trusted. 


BOB: It is. That's what makes this so hard. 


K: Tell me more.


BOB: Katie, I'm just tired. 


K: You've worked hard. 


BOB: I guess what I'm trying to say is my heart isn't in it anymore. I love what I do. I know I'm good at it. I know people get transformation. But lately, I feel really weighed down by that, by the pressure of it all, the responsibility, the commitment of any kind. And I can't stop daydreaming about retirement, just packing it all up, closing down everything, and exploring. I won't leave you high and dry. I can push through this last season, but afterward I'd like to start discussing an exit plan. 


K: BOB, all of that makes perfect sense, and it's so important that your heart's in it. I really appreciate you coming to me early and giving me the opportunity to work out an exit plan. You know how open, honest communication is one of my strongest values. 


BOB: Thanks, Katie. It means a lot just to be able to say this out loud. I hate letting you down, and like I said, I'll definitely get through this season. 


K: I appreciate you offering that, BOB. But do you think it's the right thing? I mean, for everyone, not just yourself? Have you ever seen that episode of Schitt's Creek? 


BOB: Yeah. The one we always talk about, the one where Alexis is working in the receptionist's office and she realizes she's sitting at someone else's desk and that means someone is sitting in hers. We give that advice to bookkeepers we coach all the time. And yet here I am sitting at someone else's desk. And to be honest, I don't even think that anyone is at my desk because in my future, in the right spot for me, I don't think I have a desk anymore. 


K: Well, that's a real aha moment. 


BOB: But do you think you'll find someone, I mean, what will you do? 


K: Oh, BOB, what's another thing we tell the bookkeepers we coach when they're worried about quitting and how they'll be replaced? 


BOB: Katie, are you going to tell me to get over myself that even though I'm really good at what I do, I'm still replaceable and that if my heart isn't in it, I'm not actually doing a service to anyone, not myself, not my team members, and certainly not my clients because it's robbing a more eager candidate of taking my space? 


K: I sure am, BOB. I love you. No one loves you more, but get over yourself. 


BOB: Well, that's ironic that here I am not able to clearly take my own advice. Thankfully, you're here to coach me through it. So, Katie, what are you proposing exactly? 


K: Well, you know, we have the system down for hiring good help. We'll put together a job description and start working on our ideal candidate. I think we can get it done by the end of the day. What do you think?


BOB: I'm wide open. Let's get to work. 


K: Ok, great. So what characters does the ideal candidate have that's going to replace you? 


BOB: Well, the person is excited to tackle the job. They're ready to meet their clients where they are and support them in reaching their highest vision of what's possible, perhaps even bigger than what they envision. And this candidate is willing to stay the course. They understand that sometimes the results don't happen very quickly, and they're able to coach them through that so that they're really staying committed to their goals and seeing results in a time that's right for them. I think this person should take the best of what we've done, but I have to admit a fresh perspective in this program would be nice. The person would value long-term relationships, a deep connection with her clients, and she would foster an incredible community like we've done, only better. 


K: I'm writing it all down. I noticed you said “she.” What experience does she have similar to ours? 


(Coming to a Resolution: The Bottomline)


BOB: She's walked the path. She intends to lead others down. Technically, she knows her stuff. She does it with grace, challenging her clients to be their best, but also allowing them to take the right amount of time. She's not pushy, and it's important that she leads her life in the way she intends to help others achieve for their own life. 


I hope you all enjoyed joining me in a deeper dive into BOB's transition and are excited for the next installment! Be sure to join us next week to see how the story unfolds in Office Gossip Part 3: The Transition.


Will BOB take a much-needed vacation? Will he and Katie find the perfect program to replace him? 


Tune in next week for all of these answers, and more...

Ep. 63
Office Gossip Part 3: The Resolution

Office Gossip Part 3: The Resolution

Time for part three of my three-act production with some of my most beloved characters. (And if you missed the first two acts, start here first!)


Here we go! 


The Players: BOB, Katie (me), and Libby (my vision for the future) 


Scene One: Katie and BOB on the hunt for a new team member/replacement for BOB

Katie: Hey, BOB, come check out this application that came through. 

BOB: Oh, you got one already? 

Katie: One? I've had dozens, but this one is standing out. Guess who it is? 

BOB: Do I know this person? 

Katie: You sure do. It's Libby. 

BOB:  Libby, a past student. Hmm, that's amazing. I didn't even consider that. 

Katie Yeah, a past student of our program makes a lot of sense, right? 

BOB: Absolutely. Not only do they understand our ideology, but they walked in that capacity. In some sense, I think this could be even more valuable to future students. 

Katie: Yeah, definitely. Plus, Libby has had a lot of success, and she really embodies the lifestyle that we're always so focused on. She's not somebody who has gotten a lot of clients but is now not living life the way that she wants, for sure. 

BOB: So when are you going to talk with her? 

Katie: Well, I'm shooting her response now to see when she can come in. It'll be really good to see her again. 

Scene Two: Libby’s interview with Katie

*Knock, knock*

Katie: Libby, it's so good to see you. 

Libby: Same, I'm so excited to chat about this opportunity. Tell me, why is BOB leaving? 

Katie: Oh, you know, BOB the wind is calling him. He's actually going to retire. He's putting his stuff in storage and getting his house ready to take photos to list on Airbnb as we speak. 

Libby: Oh, that sounds fun. I can totally see that for him. 

Katie: I know, right? So of course, that leaves a vacancy we need to fill so our students are fully supported and we can continue on empowering them to succeed in their lives through their bookkeeping businesses. A thing you know a little bit about, right? 

Libby: You bet. Man, I really miss the community. I'd love a chance to get more deeply connected with other bookkeepers again. 

Katie: The community is really valuable, isn't it? 

Libby: It's immensely valuable, actually. I think it has the potential to be the main focus of the program. 

Katie: Oh, really? Tell me more. We already have a community aspect.

Libby: Yes, but I'd love to see it be THE thing. 

Katie: Ok, I'm listening. 

Libby: Well, the philosophy and actual techniques to grow your business are really important, of course, and I think the philosophy inside the program is different from how bookkeepers and accountants typically operate, you know? 

Katie: Of course, much more flow, much fewer formulas. 

Libby: Exactly. So I think all of that should stay the same. But what if the focus was in the long term, not in just building your clientele and booking out in a short period of time, per se, but in just staying the course and being fully supported for the long haul of your business? Hear me out. When I got started, it was hard to shift from corporate to being on my own for a lot of reasons. I liked feeling like I had somewhere to go to ask questions and bounce ideas off of. And I think there's always value in having that support. Whether you're brand new or into the elusive six figures and surpassing your corporate salary, there's always value in being supported and not feeling like you're ever really alone. Always having a place to be heard and supported. Not because you need it, but because you desire it and you're worth having support. You're worth investing in that. Plus, once community is the main focus, it allows us to foster deeper connections and leaves room for more collaborations. 

Katie: Ok, tell me more about what you mean by collaborations. 

Libby: Well, like hiring each other, referring each other; sometimes I get inquiries when I just can't take another client or a client who really wants to work with me, but they're in an industry that I just don't serve or want to learn. I would love to be able to quickly see who's in the group and refer and likewise be referred if I'm open for a client and someone else has one that they can't take. Plus, working with and for each other, you know how sometimes people within the program will actually contract each other or hire each other at different stages, like people who are just starting, will be contracted to help people who are growing their business and need some help in that season? 

Katie: Yeah, yeah.

Libby: And also, taxes. It would be nice to bring all groups together and be able to see who's there and then see who prepares taxes so we can refer bookkeeping clients to tax preparers we know will be good to work with, bringing together all levels of students and having the ability to have discussions and then be able to easily refer back to those discussions. Facebook gets a little messy, especially as the history grows, but such valuable conversations happen inside of this community. 

Katie: Yeah, that's true. I can see that. I've definitely had that frustration with Facebook. 

Libby: Yeah, so that's what I'm thinking could improve an already really good experience.

Katie:  All right, Libby. So if you had to have one focus inside of the program, what would it be? 

Libby: Mm-hmm. Staying the course. Definitely staying the course. And that is where I see this being a perpetual program with no time constraints, just an entry point and a month-to-month community membership. So time is removed. That allows continuous support and open-ended commitment to growing your business as a part of a truly supportive community to be something that you use, love, desire, reciprocate and receive an energetic and income-based ROI from. 

Katie: Ooh, I like where you're heading. 

Libby: Yeah, I think it removes the natural instinct to judge yourself in a defined period of time. I noticed that the most successful students didn't leave at the end of that three- or four-month mark. 

Katie: Yeah, that's a really good point. 

Libby: Some had definitive results in that original time frame, but a lot of people just laid the groundwork and the ones who were in it for the long haul are the ones who a year down the road have clearly made changes in their lives in a positive way as a result of being here. 

Katie: Yeah, Libby, you're making a lot of really valid points. What other ideas do you have? 

Libby: Well, actually, I was thinking; I think there's room for greater access to one on one help. 

Katie: Ok, that's a thought. 

Libby: Yeah. Like, what if we cut back on how many times we had group meetings and instead opened up Voxer access? So if it's something that a quick voice memo could solve, then they can get their answers faster and without having to fit another call onto their schedule. 

Katie: Oh, do you think that they would like that? Removing some calls? 

Libby: Oh, definitely. Scheduling is one of the hardest things, but we still want access. It's sort of the vibe of “could this meeting be a memo?”, only,  “Could this Zoom be a Voxer?”

Katie:  Oh, OK. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, and it really resonates. I definitely use Voxer the most with my coach and scheduling calls and being seated for them while I value them when I'm there is definitely a challenge when you're busy, which is sort of where all of our clients are.  Whether it's busy with kids or working another job as they get this off the ground.

Libby: Yeah, and then removing some commitments and obligations; I think it could allow room for more intentional connections when inspired. I'm thinking, pop-up trainings or special topics, calls like year-end or even happy hour style where we don't record and we can just speak a little bit more freely. 

Katie: Oh, that sounds fun. Well, Libby, I'm so glad that you reached out and I love all of these new ideas. What would you keep? 

Libby: Oh, Katie, so much of this works and works well, we'll keep all of that. It's just a slight shift in structure to really align with our core values, which creates a shift in energy which creates everything. 

Katie: I couldn't love it more. So when can you start? 

Libby: Right now!

Scene Three: Bye BOB; The Bottomline

 Honestly, I don't really feel like scripting this part. I could go on forever and keep doing my bad acting, but just visualize and run with the idea that now we're throwing an office party. 

We are bidding farewell to BOB and we are welcoming Libby. The whole crew is there;  past students, present students, future students and we're cheers-ing to BOB and we're so excited for his retirement plans.

We're welcoming Libby, and we're so excited. Libby has the best parts of BOB that she was able to learn from him. We love and respect BOB, and he is a huge part of our journey. We'll be forever grateful, but we are so excited for Libby and what she will bring. She is what we didn't know that we needed, and at some point in the party, Libby and BOB get a moment to chat. Libby pays him respect and shares her new ideas. BOB is very excited about her perspective, and he can sense that he made the right move by the company and the team by being honest and letting someone better equipped to do the job step in for him. 

BABs finally relaxes, and she and Libby become instant besties. 

BOB has been amazing, but he is replaceable and we will all be better because of it. Underlying friction will be gone, and he will go on to live his best life. Libby will come in and she'll crush it, and the office party will be an energy of pure excitement and celebration.

So that wraps this three-part office gossip series, and I'll see you in the next episode where I will break this all down for you in English and let you understand some of the behind the scenes of what we're doing, why we're doing it, and what the future holds.

Ep. 64
Office Gossip Debrief & The Reason for Change

Office Gossip Series Debrief and the Reason for Change

In this post, I’m debriefing on my past few posts and talking about my Programs Personified. I’ve had a transformational experience with my programs - especially given I began my journey when I had my third child.


I knew I had the power to help other people with my bookkeeping business. My business had surpassed where I wanted it to be and I wanted to protect my boundaries and not take on more clients.


However, I couldn’t keep up with the inquiries coming in. I had potential dream clients wanting to work with me. BUT - I couldn’t go back on the commitment I made to myself and my family and take on more clients at that time.


Recapping BOB and BABs


From there, BOB was born! I knew I needed to tell good accountants how they could run a business like I was. Throughout the years, I’ve seen that those who joined BOB - which will now morph into Libby - don’t need me to give them clients. They need to know how to attract these clients on their own.


BOB has evolved - as have I. It’s exciting! I’m free to slow down and think in the long term. It’s been my focus to follow the wind and do what I could in the way I could do it to have the biggest impact. Doing that set me up for success. I knew things didn’t have to be perfect, I just had to do it.


Then, in 2021, BOB’s sister program BABs existed to teach people the foundational concepts of bookkeeping. BABs is the bookkeeper that teaches the technical side of things. I knew that was really needed.


While BOB has more money-making potential for you because it teaches the business, BABs makes it easier to deliver a clear promise and result. 


The Growth of My Business 


My business has continued to grow and I have wanted to ensure that I’m doing it in alignment with my life. I have continuously asked myself:


  • How do I lead in the way I want my audience to follow?
  • How do I facilitate an amazing transformation?
  • How do I do this in a way that can be done and achieves results?


On paper and by results, BOB is a very successful program. It’s one I’m proud of! But throughout 2021, I struggled with how I can allow people to join all the time and still make sure they’re receiving the clear journey of the program. 


I started to realize that people that have been clients for a long time wanted to talk about technical circumstances, client communication, boundaries, and hiring. People that were new, on the other hand, wanted to deep dive into client attraction and sales calls. 


I didn’t want people to get bored, so in September I decided to do an open-closed round - although reluctantly. I hesitated because I didn’t want to close the doors. I’m a bookkeeper and an online business coach. But I don’t like to consume things in a way with urgency, which makes me hesitant to close the doors of my offers as other online coaches may.


It’s very important to me that my clients don’t start working with me out of feelings of urgency or scarcity. I will NEVER push my clients to purchase my program. 


However, I liked the closed round that I did. It was a special thing to do! I started doing five coaching calls a month, which may not seem like much. But my life is different now, given my kids’ schedules. I would take four of these calls at 9:00 pm. This sometimes resulted in my needing to arrange childcare for these calls. 


I knew the way I was showing up for those calls was not how I wanted to show up for my business, which was a big catalyst for the retirement of BOB. It’s kind of funny how my youngest daughter, Zoe, was a catalyst for the start of this program and the catalyst for the retirement of it.


The Need for Change 


At first when I started to think about making a change with BOB, I thought I would just change some structural things to not have five monthly calls. It struck me that I could sell BOB as a standalone course, but then I realized I wasn’t sure if it could stand up by itself. 


I realized how important it is for my clients to have access to me as a part of the programs. 


That brings me to my new and exciting program: Libby. Libby stands for “Life by the Books.” The whole feeling and essence behind this program are that we’re all redefining what life by the books is. We’re going to live life by the books with a bookkeeping business and the ability to live your life how you want alongside that. 


Lifestyle has always been a huge part of my vision. And I’ve realized that the term “booked out” doesn’t align with me and my values. I’m looking to provide people with freedom and autonomy. I don’t really believe in “booked out.” If a perfect client came my way, I’d make space. If I got a lot of new inquiries, I’d hire help to accommodate. 


I can and would increase or decrease my capacity based on my desires. Being booked out has a negative connotation and I don’t think it aligns with my programs or my vision. 


A bookkeeping business can be done however you want. There are so many different paths you can take. We’re doing life your way by having a bookkeeping business your way. We’re going to tap into what you want and get creative on how you can make it happen. 


The Structure of Libby 


The structure of this program will be a membership with an upfront buy-in. That buy-in gets you the course and you’ll have a month-to-month membership. You can stop your membership at any time.


Giving this program at least six months is the way to go in order to really get the most out of it. The monthly cost is going to be $197 and the upfront membership cost for the course is $1997. That’s the lowest price point I’ve offered for a course. 


This community and I are going to be here for the long haul. I’ve gotten feedback that there are better places for a community than Facebook. From that, I did a lot of research and found that Circle is a better option, so that’s where this community now exists. It’s so much cleaner and easier to find each other there. I love it!


There’s a lot of cross-collaboration that goes on within the program and community as well as cross-referrals. This has become even easier in Circle.  There will still be structured calls - one a month. Along with that, I use Voxer so much for voice notes and communication for quick-hit questions and conversations.


Libby is going to focus on staying the course, being fully supported, feeling comfortable in that, and having access to all the resources and support and community that we need in order to grow.


This program is all about less commitment but more flow, and I’m so excited about that. Get on the waitlist so you can be the first to know when Libby is officially open and taking off. 


The Ability to Stay On Course: The Bottom Line 


I know that this course is going to allow for supreme focus and the ability to make the most of this amazing community. This is not a program that teaches you someone else’s definition of success. It will teach you how to have a successful life through a successful business. You won’t need to make sacrifices in your life in order to do that. 


Staying on the course of Libby will lead to your success. Now’s the time and this is the program to do it with. I can’t wait for you to dive in with me!

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