Get organized and save time in your business

The Small Biz Starter Kit has 6 tools to help you set your small business up right from the start, stay organized and never miss a deadline.


The Small Biz Starter Kit Includes:

Income & Expense Spreadsheet

A simple spreadsheet with build in formulas to sum up your expenses by category, total your sales, and calculate your profit or loss. Can be used on your computer or smart phone.

Downloadable Mileage Log

A simple to use spreadsheet with built in formulas to track business miles with ease. Can be used from your computer or smart phone.

Starting a Biz Checklist

12 steps to consider for tax and accounting when setting up your small biz so you know you haven't missed a single step.

All About My Biz Workbook

Once your business is set up, this is an organized place to keep all of the important details of your business and filling it out ensures you know and have considered it all.

2019 Tax Calendar

So you never miss a deadline. Important deadlines for 2019 for 1099s, payroll tax returns, sales tax returns, income tax returns, and estimated tax payments.

Sales Tax Checklist

A workbook to help you determine if sales tax is something you need to charge in your business.  And if so, on what products, in which states, at what rates.


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