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I help small businesses with their books & bookkeepers start + grow their businesses

The Profits and Prosecco Podcast

Bookkeeping increases profits, and profits change lives.

Pop some bubbles and let me show you how. Tune in for stories and tips on successful small businesses and how bookkeeping helps them succeed.

New episodes every Monday!

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The Profits and Prosecco Podcast

Tune in for stories and tips on successful small businesses and how bookkeeping helps them succeed

New episodes every Monday!

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Ep 80: 6 Secrets to a Simple, Scalable Bookkeeping Biz 

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Ep 73: How to Net $10k a Month as a Bookkeeper

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For Bookkeepers

A part-time profitable business that supports your life? Yes, it’s possible with bookkeeping.

Whether you are brand new to bookkeeping or a seasoned CPA, bookkeeping is likely your ticket to more presence, without sacrificing income or impact.

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Free Guide for Bookkeepers

Discover the 7 little-known benefits of running a bookkeeping business

Bookkeeping is a skill that can be learned or honed. It's in demand and provides high value for your future clients. I want you to know what I wish I did before I started running my own successful bookkeeping business. Download the guide, 7 Ways a Bookkeeping Business Can Give You Freedom, to learn more!

For Business Owners

Bookkeeping doesn’t have to suck - but it does have to be done.

Bookkeeping is a process that gives you clarity to see what’s working in your business, and where you can improve. Sales matter, but profit (what you’re left with after costs) matters most. Bookkeeping allows you to see, and thus increase, your profits.

The best way to get your books under control is to have them done for you. When that isn’t an option yet, doing them yourself with my best selling template that takes the math out of bookkeeping is my second best recommendation.

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Hi, I'm Katie

Licensed CPA. Corporate Escapee. Bookkeeping Business Owner. Mentor to Aspiring & Scaling Bookkeepers.

Building my bookkeeping business was a twist of fate that has allowed me to be present with my family while providing for them and for that I'm eternally grateful.

My main purpose is to keep myself out of a cubicle so I can spend more time at the park and I'm passionate about helping others do the same (sub park with whatever fills their heart).

Bookkeeping is my secret weapon for helping others succeed - whether it’s taking it off your plate and increasing your awareness, or teaching you how to grow your own bookkeeping business.

I truly believe bookkeeping changes lives, and yours is next!

Xero is my preferred bookkeeping software

Why I love Xero

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