20 Daily Affirmations For Balancing Business and Motherhood

for bookkeepers for business owners Dec 11, 2023
daily affirmations



We interrupt the usual flow of Profits and Prosecco today to bring you Part 2 of my special series all about daily affirmations!

Today’s series of affirmations are near and dear to my heart. We’re going to go through affirmations for women who are balancing both business and motherhood.

Balancing the roles of a mother and a business owner can be challenging, but it's important to recognize one's worth and efforts. So here are twenty affirmations tailored for a woman who is both a mother and a business owner, designed to remind her that she is enough, doing enough, and deserves grace…



Daily Affirmations for Mothers and Business Owners

1. I am enough, just as I am, both as a mother and a business owner.

2. My love for my children is immeasurable, and they know they are cherished every day.

3. I trust my ability to nurture my business and my family with equal dedication and love.

4. I am allowed to have moments of uncertainty; it doesn't diminish my worth as a mother or an entrepreneur.

5. My children see my hard work and dedication, and they learn valuable life lessons from my efforts.

6. I release the need for perfection. I am doing my best, and that is always enough.

7. Every small achievement in my business is a triumph, and I celebrate my progress.

8. I am a role model for my children, showing them the importance of pursuing dreams and passions.

9. I am resilient; I bounce back from challenges, and always have the ability to start again.

10.  My business and family life complement each other, creating a harmonious balance in my world.



11.  I honor my need for self-care and take moments to recharge, knowing it makes me a better mother and business owner.

12.  I forgive myself for any perceived shortcomings.

13.  I am human, and I am allowed to make mistakes.

14.  I trust my instincts in parenting and in business; they guide me to make the right decisions.

15.  I am worthy of success in my business endeavors, and this success benefits my family as well.

16.  I am a loving, caring mother, and my children are thriving.

17.  I am not alone; I have a support system that understands my challenges and celebrates my victories.

18.  I release guilt and embrace the joy of the present moment with my children and my business.

19.  My worth is not determined by productivity. I am valuable just by being who I am.

20.  I am deserving of self-compassion. I treat myself with kindness, acknowledging the challenges I navigate.



Rinse and Repeat!

You can feel free to repeat these daily affirmations over and over again. This list will always be here for you to come back to, and you can always head to the podcast and listen along every morning (or whenever you do affirmations!) if you like.

Stay tuned for more daily affirmations!



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