20 Daily Affirmations For Building a Business

for bookkeepers for business owners Nov 27, 2023



We interrupt the usual flow of Profits and Prosecco today to bring you a special series all about daily affirmations.

Today, it’s all about daily affirmations you can repeat while building a business.

Here’s how it works: you can either go and listen to Episode 157 of Profits + Prosecco podcast to hear me read these aloud, then repeat them with me…or you can read them aloud to yourself from this list.

If you listen along on the podcast, you will hear me recite each affirmation twice: first for you to hear it, then for you to repeat it out loud with me.

If you're in a place where speaking these daily affirmations out loud is not possible, even listening or reading to them will have a positive effect. But if you are at all able to repeat them, I strongly encourage you to do so, because this will greatly multiply the impact that it has both on the way that you feel and on the outcomes that you receive.

Here are my favorite daily affirmations for building a business.



Repeat After Me…

1.      I am capable of achieving my business goals and dreams.

2.      I have the creativity and determination to overcome any challenge I face.

3.      My business is a reflection of my passion and dedication.

4.      Every day I am learning and growing as an entrepreneur.

5.      I believe in my vision and will pursue it with unwavering confidence.

6.      I attract opportunities and resources that help my business thrive.

7.      My mindset is my strongest asset. I choose positivity and optimism.

8.      I am open to new ideas and willing to take calculated risks.

9.      I trust in my abilities to make wise decisions for my business.

10.    I am surrounded by a supportive network of mentors, partners, and customers.



11.      I am deserving of success and will work hard to achieve it.

12.      My business is a force for good, and I am making a positive impact on the world.

13.      I am resilient. Setbacks are opportunities for comebacks.

14.      I am confident in my ability to attract and retain loyal customers.

15.      I am constantly attracting prosperous opportunities into my business.

16.      My mind is clear, my focus is sharp, and my actions are purposeful.

17.      I am a magnet for success and my potential is limitless.

18.      I release all doubts and trust in my ability to create a successful business.

19.      I am committed to my goals and will persist until I achieve them.

20.     Today, I will take steps that align with my business vision and bring me closer to my dreams.



Rinse and Repeat!

You can feel free to repeat these daily affirmations over and over again. This list will always be here for you to come back to, and you can always head to the podcast and listen along every morning (or whenever you do affirmations!) if you like.

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks for more daily affirmations!



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