How to Step Into Your Zone of Genius and Write Compelling Copy with Tracie Kendziora

podcast Jun 13, 2021
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In this episode of Profits + Prosecco Podcast, I’m joined by the amazing Tracie Kendziora to discuss how you can reach your zone of genius and write copy that is captivating and easy to absorb. In case you don’t already know, Tracie is the founder of Okay, Okapi, where she helps online business owners, coaches, and creatives write personality-packed copy so they can build their brand online, create a rock-solid connection with their audience, and book more dream clients. 

Her sweet spot is working as a copy coach and editor to help her clients create totally unique brand voices and unboring content that connects more and converts better. To hear more from Tracie and level up your copy skills, stay tuned! 

But before we dive right in, welcome to the Profits + Prosecco Podcast! I’m your host, Katie Ferro, CPA, reformed rule follower, creator of Booked Out Bookkeeper, mom to 3 little ones, and Kajabi enthusiast.

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In this episode, you'll learn everything you need to know about copywriting and creating blogs that are interesting for your audience. For even more juicy details, listen to ALL of episode 28 of the Profits + Prosecco Podcast on your fave streaming platform.



How Tracie started her own business.

Tracie has always had a background in marketing, editing, and public relations so this was always something she was interested in. At one point, she got burnt out in corporate and decided to start her own business. 

She first started out with freelance writing but didn't go all in so she ended up going back to corporate. The same process happened and she became burnt out AGAIN. 

From there, she decided to start a health coaching business. She built that out for a year until it hit her that she should be writing copy. The more she grew this business the more she knew she needed to be doing something involving copy because that was her zone of genius. 

Tracie ended up pivoting that business into where she is today and she's finally at a place where she feels happy and content with it. 

How to write copy and tips on avoiding fomo copywriting.

Tracie explains that most of us have probably experienced the FOMO marketing feeling. There is a huge sense of urgency to make your audience feel like they're missing something by hitting their pain points. 

You certainly don’t want to pick at people's pain points too much and put them down. It’s really about coming at it from a different angle and making your content empowering and helpful. 

Remember: The way your relationship starts with your audience is the way your relationship will continue. 

If you're empowering your clients and they're purchasing, they're going to constantly show up with that energy. The copy on your sales page is what's going to determine that and shift your relationships. 

Feeling good about your copy is what's going to nail everything down. 

Your copy can affect people on an emotional level. Depending on how you put your words together, it's going to hit people a certain way. 

My advice is to trust in your ability and allow the right time for things to flow. Your head has to be in the right space to get creative. If you don't feel inspired in a moment, leave it for another day and pick it back up when you feel inspired to write. 


Blogging tips from the expert. 

It took Tracie a couple years to find her voice and figure out how she wanted her blog to be heard. She makes her blogs very conversational, which is an easy way to make your blog less boring and more understanding. 

Of course, super casual doesn't fit every business but you can just write in a way that feels easy to you and not forced. 

When you try to emulate someone else's style, it's not going to be authentic. People will be able to tell that it's not you and you're not being yourself. Instead, write in a way that feels good to you and that people will find incredibly compelling.

Show up as who you really are and connect with like-minded people. You won't be liked by everybody, but you don’t need those people to enter your world anyways! 

According to Tracie, your blog is also a place to boost your credibility 

For any bookkeeper who wants to go deeper on blogging, you can check out episode 16, The Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Bookkeepers


Putting yourself in your clients shoes.

This is something a lot of people struggle with. We look at things from an expert's point of view rather than the clients. 

When you're copywriting, you NEED to make it easy for them to understand. It comes naturally to you, but not for them. It's simple for you, but not for them. 

We spend so much time around people that are in our area of expertise that we sometimes forget these things take time. The knowledge that we have, everyone else isn't going to have right away. 

Tracie says we need to step outside of our own minds, be concise, and explain things in a way that someone who doesn't understand it can easily read and get a quick win from. 

There is an industry-specific language that not everyone is going to understand. 

Be sure that you are providing context around these types of words so that people have a definition, they know what you're saying, and they're not left even more confused.



How to Step Into Your Zone of Genius and Write Compelling Copy with Tracie Kendziora: The Bottomline

I hope this episode helps you step into your own zone of genius and see things from a different point of view. Copywriting takes time but as long as you are open, clear, and concise your audience will understand you on a deeper level. I’m so happy I got to have Tracie on the show and teach you more about her business and her best copywriting tips. 

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