The Backstory of Become a Bookkeeper - Part 4: Student Testimonials

babs for bookkeepers Mar 04, 2024
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As you’ve probably heard by now, my team and I are hard at work revamping Become a Bookkeeper (BABs) which is my self-paced program that teaches or hones your technical skills of bookkeeping to help you get ready to build your own bookkeeping business.

This is part four of a miniseries focusing on the history, inspiration, and design behind Become a Bookkeeper as it is currently; soon, you’ll be hearing all about the changes being made with the revamp.

But before we get to that, I want to discuss one thing: I want to make sure you all know that the Become a Bookkeeper program isn’t getting a revamp because it’s a poor-quality program. It is already an amazing program—we’re just working to bring it up-to-date and smooth out some of the processes behind it even more.

To drive this point home, I’m sharing reviews of Become a Bookkeeper as it is now…and how it has outfitted over two hundred students with the skills necessary to start their bookkeeping career with confidence.



A BABs Summary

When students complete Become a Bookkeeper, they also complete an end-of-course assessment. So I wanted to look up some data from those and share it with you today.

I did use ChatGPT to help me summarize some things, which saved me a lot of time. Here’s what it says about this program based on what students have said about the overall impact of Become a Bookkeeper…

“Students expressed feeling encouraged, empowered, and well-prepared to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios. The course was praised for its comprehensive content, practical approach, and effectiveness in building confidence and skills necessary for bookkeeping.”

Isn’t that amazing?


Reviews for Become a Bookkeeper

In all honestly, I should be sharing a story about BABs every single day. I should be sharing all sixty-eight reviews of Become a Bookkeeper every day. You should have heard these ten times each, because this could be the thing that shows you why BABs is what you need to boost your bookkeeping skills.

However, if I listed all sixty-eight reviews here, you’d get pretty sick of reading by the end. So instead, I dropped all sixty-eight responses in ChatGPT and asked it to pull out the five most compelling responses to this question…


What has been the best part of taking this course for you?


1. “The best part has been being able to understand the concepts in a way that makes sense to me. Having the videos to go back to, especially for the shadow portion, has helped put everything into perspective. I love the practicum because I'm a hands-on learner, so being able to start from scratch with a client helped so much.”


2. “I found the shadowing and practicum sections to be the most helpful. I have some accounting experience, but it was really helpful to see how it all worked behind the scenes and then be able to work through a practice client on my own.”


3. “The practicum was the final part that, once I redid it and got the numbers right, made me feel so so powerful. The shadow work you did was amazing. Honestly, I don't think I could have found a course like yours.”


4. “I think the best part was the practice. I don't know why I initially told myself I wasn't going to complete it; however, after your live event with some of your other students sharing, I decided I would do the rest of the program. I loved the insights of being able to shadow you, but doing the practice was exactly what I needed to instill the confidence in myself that I either knew it or I had the resources to complete it. It was very thorough and fun, and it felt real from start to finish.”


5. “The best part was the confidence it gave me. I am really hard on myself most of the time, and I tend to overcomplicate things in my mind. Self-sabotage, if you will. This course is extremely well laid out, descriptive, and really suited my learning style. It really was the push I needed to make a change in my life. No excuses anymore. I have a great foundation now.”



BABs Key Features

Next, I asked ChatGPT to summarize the overall theme of all reviews. It says that responses overwhelmingly express gratitude for the course and highlight several key aspects that were particularly beneficial, including…


Self-Paced Learning
Many appreciated the ability to learn at their own pace, especially those with busy schedules or children at home.


Hands-On Learning
The hands-on approach, especially through the practicum and shadowing sections, was highly valued. It allowed students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, boosting their confidence in their abilities.


The Practicum
The practicum section was widely regarded as one of the most valuable parts of this course. It provided an opportunity for students to test their knowledge and skills in a realistic setting, allowing them to identify areas for improvement.


The shadowing sections, where students could observe real-life scenarios and learn from them, were also praised for their educational value.


Many students mentioned gaining confidence in their bookkeeping skills as a significant outcome of the course. This included feeling empowered to take on clients and handle various bookkeeping tasks.


Clarity and Simplification
The course was commended for its ability to simplify complex concepts, especially in areas like payroll and tax, making them easier to understand and apply.


Use of Software
Learning to use accounting software such as Xero was highlighted as a valuable skill gained from the course.


Support and Structure
The structured format of the course, including checklists and stages, was appreciated for providing a clear learning path and a sense of accomplishment along the way.


Reassurance and Feedback
The ability to check work and receive feedback, particularly through video explanations of correct answers, was mentioned as a confidence-booster.


Overall Impact
Students expressed feeling encouraged, empowered, and well-prepared to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios.


In summary, the course was praised for its comprehensive content, practical approach, and effectiveness in building confidence and skills necessary for bookkeeping.



Do Not Wait!

Now, you’re probably wondering, “If it's so good, then why are you changing it?”

You’ll have to come back next week to find out. But trust me, they’re good reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of the program…and everything to do with improving on what we’ve already made great.

All of that to say…if you have been looking at Become a Bookkeeper as an investment in your business, and now you're conflicted about timing because you know that it's going to be revamped, my answer to you is this: do not wait.

If you join Become a Bookkeeper, you will get it now. You will get it at its current price. You will get a ton of value. And you will also, as a student of the program, get access to the revamp as soon as it's done, including all the new resources.

This is not a program in need of repair. It's a program that has the potential to be even greater than it is already. And there is no better time to join than right now!



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