Bookkeeping Solo: How to Build Confidence at Work & Branch Out on Your Own

babs for bookkeepers podcast Jan 10, 2022
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I love making my living for myself; the freedom and flexibility it affords me is the ultimate benefit. It’s why apart from doing clients’ books, I also create and teach the programs I offer. Everyone who wants it should have a way to achieve what I have. 

One of the most common questions I get is whether or not people just starting out can use my program and jump right into working for themselves, or if they should work for someone else first. 

I’m sorry for this answer, but frankly, it depends.



Independence is Directly Proportional to Your Confidence

I’m not going to lie; working for someone else can really only benefit you, especially if you go for a company that is bigger or more complex than you would eventually like to be. That way, when you finally do decide to go it alone, your work will seem easier by comparison.

Also, you’ll have the confidence you need since you've done the work and more complex jobs before. Working for someone else also ensures that you are practicing what you’ve learned and refining your skillset. You are able to receive feedback to fix any mistakes and slowly build up your confidence in the field of bookkeeping. 



It Can Be Harder Than it Looks

While I love that I was able to start my own business, I don’t want to lie and say that it was all smooth sailing, especially initially. It’s kind of like pregnancy; there is a lot of unseen work and labor (get it) behind getting the end result. So if you’re looking to get straight into positive cash flow without the hassles of cold calling/emailing, and putting the time in to make a sustainable roster of clients for yourself, then working under another company might be for you.

If, however, you really want to keep your work-life flexible and casual, then getting started with my program and some good old-fashioned gumption might be a good plan of action.



BABs Will Set You Up For Success: The Bottomline

Whether you’re looking for a launch point to start from scratch and learn bookkeeping for the first time, or you are looking for a refresher course or confidence builder, BABs is here to help.

No matter what, it can always be helpful to garner perspective, and glean new information and techniques. Practice and perfecting your process can only help your business grow and become the best you can be. Happy number crunching!

Ready to take action? Apply for the program that's right for you:

If you're looking for more insight on how to become a bookkeeper, and how to say hello to a more confident business model, enroll in Become A Bookkeeper (BABs)

Or, if you’re confident in your skills as a bookkeeper and want to learn how to grow and scale your bookkeeping business, you can apply for Booked Out Bookkeeper™ (BOB).

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