Connecting with Clients: How Building Relationships Can Build Your Client List feat. Kasey Orvidas

podcast Aug 08, 2022
Connecting with Clients



Hello, everyone! Today, I’m so excited to welcome my beautiful client, Kasey, here today. She's going to be sharing about her business, how she got where she is, why connecting with clients is so crucial, and how we connected in the first place! One of my favorite stories to tell is the story of how Kasey and I connected, because it required working our way through so many degrees of separation to meet. But this story really shows the power of connecting with clients, and how all the connections you make along the way in your business may end up paying off far down the line!



Introducing Kasey Orvidas

Katie: I’m going to go ahead and let Kasey introduce herself and explain what her business is all about, then we’ll launch into why connecting with clients is so important.
Kasey: Thanks, Katie! Oh, man, where should I start? Well, my name is Kasey. I have a PhD in psychology, so that’s where I was coming from as far as an educational perspective as I started thinking about my business. I am also a health and fitness coach, so I have this blend of the psychology of health, behavior change, and how mindset plays a role in how healthy you eat and how often you exercise. My business is half and half, so one half is still that one-on-one health and fitness coaching. We work with people on an individual level: on their health, fitness mindset, personal development, and of course the body composition changes that come along with that. And then the other half of my business is coaching other coaches. So I mainly do that now through a certification program that I have that is accredited by some of the governing bodies in the nutrition and fitness space. Like if you are familiar at all, you would know who NASM, ACE, AFAA, and ISSA are. Those are the four that I am accredited by for continuing education units. So that's the setup I have now.


Kasey’s Story

Katie: So, Kasey, before we talk about connecting with clients, I want to give you permission to take us on the journey of your business and feel free to take your time telling the story. What led you here, and what do you do now?
Kasey: Well, as I was getting my Ph.D. in psychology and understanding specifically how mindset and health behavior change comes into the realm of health and fitness coaching, I began to see that there was a big gap in both realms. When we're talking about health behavior change, no one's really talking about the role of health and fitness coaches in health behavior change and how that could potentially make an impact. And from a coaching perspective, there's a really, really big gap when it comes to psychology and mindset and behavior change for clients.
So I saw the gap between these two areas, and I really wanted to close that gap. I worked in the Mindset Lab at NC State for four and a half years when I was getting my PhD., and I wanted to bring that science into the health and fitness coaching space. So that was my main goal. During my Ph.D., I was nutrition coaching and fitness coaching part-time, and that was just a nice little augment to the lack of salary that I had as a Ph.D. student. I never really saw myself taking a full-time position in that part-time work that I was doing, knowing that I was getting a Ph.D. in psychology. I figured I would be a professor or something. But the more I saw this gap between these two worlds, the more I wanted to do something about it instead of just creating research that no coach is ever going to actually read. So fast forward to finishing my Ph.D. I decided to take the leap and go full-time into my business and really grow that health and fitness coaching business that I had. And I also had aspirations to help other coaches really start to grasp these aspects of science when it comes to mindset and behavior change and psychology, and really wanted to show them how they can leverage this stuff with their clients because I could make a bigger impact that way too, versus just having what I currently do is a staff of five assistant coaches who all take on clients and help them. And with that growth, eventually, I needed Katie to help me organize all of this!


How Kasey and I Connected

Katie: So as far as connecting with clients, let’s talk about how we met. You started with my small business starter kit. How did you find that to begin with?
Kasey: Well, speaking of connecting with clients, I think I originally found you through Eve. Did you work with Eve?
Katie: I did! I did a bonus inside her macros.
Kasey: Well, that was how I found you. I was speaking to her, and she was in a mastermind group that I was part of. As soon as I started my business, I realized I needed help. I didn't know what I was doing, so I joined a mastermind group pretty much right away. And I still work with the same business coach to this day, which is cool! Clearly, they’ve mastered connecting with clients. But Eve was in that program, and I was picking people's brains about bookkeeping services and stuff like that. And she recommended you, so we got on a call. You ended up saying, “I'm not sure you're quite there yet; I don’t think you need someone to actually be doing your books for you.” And I didn’t think I was either because I actually wanted to do it myself for a little bit. But I needed help with organization, and you said you had the perfect thing for me, which it was. It truly was the perfect thing, and I recommend it to people all the time. So yeah, that's how we got connected, through you connecting with clients. And then as soon as I was like, “All right, now I don't want to do this anymore,” I knew exactly where to go!
Katie: This is beautifully synced up. I actually met Eve through Megan Yelaney, who I just interviewed right before you, and I met Megan Yelaney through my first business coach. This just goes to show the power of real human connection and what it leads to. My first coach, Rachel, was my first dip into the world of online business. So you can trace my connection with her all the way through to connecting with you, Kasey!



Long Story Short—Prioritize Connecting with Clients!

I would never have connected with Kasey if not for connecting with clients who came before her—and my coach before that. It also took her connecting with clients of mine or other people I’d interacted with, but through all these serendipitous connections, I gained both a client and a friend.
I encourage you: when connecting with clients, don’t make it have to be serendipitous! Go out and intentionally build connections where you can. You have no idea when it will pay off for you down the road!
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