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It's been a while since I've focused on Life by the Books, and that wasn’t an accident. I've just started to really value BABs as a bookkeeping program as well, and I recognized that I may have been underestimating how important it is for everybody to get their skills up to par before they begin trying to start their business.

I've done a very hard lean into BABs because I think it is exactly what everybody needs to build their business upon. I've been focused on revamping it, revisiting it, explaining it, and things like that…but in the meantime, the Life by the Books bookkeeping program has still been running in the background.

So today, I want to start by covering what Life by the Books is, who it’s for, and how it’s structured…then I want to show you an exclusive recording of an audio file that was shared only with the Life by the Books community.

This audio will give you just a taste of what it's like to be in this bookkeeping program and what it’s like to have this community to support, motivate, and inspire you as you grow your business.



What is Life By The Books?

Life by the Books is my bookkeeping program that teaches people who already have the skill of bookkeeping and would rate themselves an 8 out of 10 or higher on their skill set.

I’ve set that parameter because I believe you really have  to be good at what you do in order to build a real successful, sustainable, ethical business upon those skills.

You could have gained that confidence in a bunch of different ways. You could have worked under other bookkeepers or had a bookkeeping job at a bookkeeping firm. You could have learned it by going to school and working as an accountant at a CPA firm. You could have even gone through the BABs (Become a Bookkeeper) bookkeeping program and come out with the knowledge that you were ready to take on clients and grow with the support that's available inside of Life by the Books.

The confidence you gain from going through a bookkeeping program like BABs is so important, because people will often think that they just need the systems or the marketing tactics, but what you really need is to know that you're good at what you do so that your barrier in your own field is diminished.

When you have that knowledge, you’ll come across as confident—not only that, but you’ll actually have that confidence, and your clients will sense that from you. And once you get there, it's just a matter of getting the client in, finding the right price, and doing what you said you were going to do.

Of course, there is more to building a sustainable business than that. Luckily, there’s a pretty simple framework that we follow inside of this bookkeeping program that will help you get it done!



This bookkeeping program is for people who want to take their skill and turn it into a business. But it’s also specifically focused on being sustainable, simple, and part-time.

The sustainability piece of this bookkeeping program is hugely important; I don’t want to diminish anyone’s goals, I do want to make sure that they're thinking about what's coming next.

Yes, you could focus on just signing clients. Yes, you could focus on making sure that you undercut your costs enough to get this person to sign with you. Yes, you could make sure you're working all of the time…but that's not the goal.

That’s why, a couple years back, I renamed the program. Originally, it was known as Booked-Out Bookkeeper, but I switched to Life by the Books because I started to feel a large disconnect with the name.

I didn’t want to promote being “booked out” when I don't believe in being booked out for a couple of reasons: one, that feels overwhelmingly busy, and you can't take any time off. And two, it means you bottleneck in your business quickly.

We don't want you to bottleneck. We want you to grow with ease, strategically and mindfully take on clients, grow your team, improve your systems, and help your clients improve theirs so that you can actually provide a high-quality product in an efficient way at a no-brainer price, employ a team who you pay well, and have time in your life to do the things that you want to do.

That’s the whole point of this: living the life that you want to live. If you're just looking for a way to make money, you can do it in so many different ways. Money is not what you actually want at the end of the day; what you actually want are all of the things that you think money will give you.




In addition to sustainability, this bookkeeping program focuses on how to do the things you have to do in order to build your business; real, tactical things like getting a website up, not having a way for people to learn about you and inquire with you and get on a call, what that call looks like, what the next steps look like, how you send them over, how you’re getting paid, what that looks like, how you’re pricing it, what goes into pricing, and the fact that pricing is going to vary among every single person in the community anyway.

After that, we talk about hiring a team and encouraging you to think in that way from the get-go, because the people who end up joining Life by the Books often are thinking, “I don't want to hire because I don't have the margins for that. I want to keep my money.” We talk very, very extensively about how that's a broken thought process and how, in reality, that doesn't even make any sense.

We go on to talk through why it's so important to hire, as well as how to get yourself on board with hiring, what you need to do behind the scenes months before you hire, what to expect when you do hire, how to communicate with people, and everything else: how you structure it, how you actually work within your team, how you get them the access that they need, how you communicate codes with them, how you review the work, how you build trust with them, and how you talk about your team to your clients and your potential clients.



In addition, I have a Voxer channel available just for the Life by the Books community. When I'm done having conversations with clients or my team that I think might be useful, I hop into Voxer and I tell the Life by the Books community my takeaways from those conversations.

So all in all, Life by the Books helps you take your skill and turn it into a business that prioritizes your life, all while walking you through a framework, giving you strategies, giving you actual things to implement, and having you move while also guiding you the whole way.



Take a Treasure From the LIBBY Vault!

So without further ado, I want to give you the opportunity to listen to this message I shared exclusively inside Life by the Books, just so you can get an idea of what it feels like to be there.

Fair warning, this audio is imperfect audio. I went live while on a walk outside, so you can hear a little bit of background noise, but that’s a great example of what this bookkeeping program can give to you: a life that allows for things like walking around in the middle of the day when most people would be stuck in a cubicle or in commute traffic.

If you want to learn more about Life by the Books, hear from students, and get a closer look at things behind the scenes, here’s what I want you to do: go to Instagram, send me a DM that just says “secrets,” and I’ll send you the link to the free on-demand four-part video series all about LIBBY. That series will break it all down for you, and once you know that this bookkeeping program is the right fit for you, you can head to my website and enroll in LIBBY.

But for now…head over to my podcast, Profits + Prosecco, and listen to Episode 174 to get your peek behind the curtain at LIBBY!



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