Introducing Kajabi Templates for Bookkeepers!

for bookkeepers Oct 02, 2023
Kajabi templates



All right, buckle up, friends. I am so excited about this, I can barely even type!

Over my years of building my bookkeeping business and helping others do the same, I’ve noticed one common block rise up in my students’ paths over and over and over again: designing their website.

In truth, having a website is not a necessity. However, it can be a great asset, and many people feel much more confident once they have one.

I don’t want to watch even one more person end up stalled out because they either can’t afford a website designer or don’t have the time to devote to designing a website themselves. So I sat down with my website designer, Fabiana Nilsson, and we came up with a solution.

I am thrilled to announce the newest offering on my website: Kajabi templates for bookkeepers!



Why Kajabi Templates?

Long story short, I now have gorgeous, designer-made Kajabi templates designed specifically for bookkeepers.

This is the result of a partnership between me and Fabiana, who helped me revamp my own Kajabi site over the last four or five years.

I've been talking about how Kajabi is my go-to marketing tool forever. It's where I collect my intake forms, it’s the host for my website, and it’s the source of all my emails.

So I love Kajabi, and I love my Kajabi website. Up until Fabiana worked with me on it, I had been running both my bookkeeping business and the coaching side of things with a slapstick website that worked, but it took much longer to make than it should have.

You will literally spend a fraction of the time on this that you would spend on designing a website yourself. And when you're done, you’re going to have a much better system in place than you would be able to create yourself, and you're going to feel really good about it, which will give you the confidence to finally put your business out into the world.

When I did revamp my site, I didn't get as many pages as you guys are going to get in this bundle, and I spent upwards of $4,000. Trust me, if I had access to this when I was building my website, I would have been thrilled—in fact, the little sister in me is throwing an absolute tantrum over how unfair it is that I didn’t have it!



What You Get

When you get this PDF pack, it will walk you through each step, so it's not going to feel overwhelming. You’ll get your guide, you’ll download the Kajabi templates, then you’ll upload them. The guide will tell you how, and it’ll troubleshoot some things for you if needed.

You can then get into those Kajabi templates and edit certain elements as needed.

This Kajabi template pack combines all of my experience growing my bookkeeping business and mentoring bookkeepers, and it was designed by leveraging Fabiana's expertise in creating effective, high-converting websites and funnels. Using the Kajabi templates is easy, and you can customize to your needs.

You can add your copy using our high-converting copywriting prompts and customize the design with your photos, fonts and colors, then…voila! You're ready to share your new Kajabi website with the world.

In this Kajabi template pack, you'll get 14 pages, including blog templates, a home page template, student area templates, and more. You’ll even get access to a template for a custom pop-up design, which can help you capture leads on your website.

A Kajabi subscription is required to use the Kajabi template pack of course, so keep that in mind. If you are brand-new to Kajabi, the best way to get it is go to the Kajabi page on my website, sign up for the free trial, and you'll get unlocked bonuses for that trial, including a discount on the template pack.

And if you’re not new to Kajabi and already used my link to sign up, go to my offer page, scroll down to the template pack section, and fill out the form there to let me know. I'll verify it and send you the discount code myself; you can also shoot me a DM if you want me to verify it very quickly.



Get the Template Pack Now!

So, I'm absolutely giddy about this offer. I'm super excited for you—and super jealous about it!

For a full explanation of the Kajabi templates you’ll receive in the pack, how to use them, and what you can do with them, head over to my Instagram and watch the live walkthrough or listen to the Episode 150 of Profits + Prosecco podcast now!

I look forward to seeing all of the beautiful websites that you create—and the beautiful businesses that follow!



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