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I recently did a Kajabi Heroes interview with my friend Megan from the platform. I’ve worked with Kajabi since 2018 and went from making $10k on the platform to now making over $100k! I am highlighting some of the questions I received and answered in the interview here, so take a peek below and be sure to listen to the replay in episode 86 of my podcast! 



Question 1: What is the power of closing doors?

When I left my corporate job, I knew that the door to that world was closing forever for me. Honestly? It was scary! But, with that one closed door, many others opened. I just had to take a moment to look around and take inventory of what opportunities were available to me.

At the time, I was about to become a mom and knew I wanted to be present for my children. That was my number one priority. Because I closed the door to my corporate role, I was able to enjoy the open door of starting my own business and structuring it around my desires in life. That’s immense power if you ask me!


Question 2: What was your mindset when starting your business?

As I mentioned above, my main goal of my business was always to construct the life I wanted. In January of 2019, that became SUPER clear to me. I was asked to write down what my perfect day would be. I hadn’t really thought about it before - maybe that’s embarrassing.

But as I began picturing it, I knew that it would pretty much be a normal day with my kids. I was living it. Wow! But, I needed to secure it, because I had only one large client at the time and it felt risky. What if that client left? 

This massive revelation changed how I showed up for my business. I had to figure out if everything I was doing was honoring the life I wanted.


Question 3: What hasn’t worked in your business? 

There have been a lot of things that haven’t worked in my business, but when I go back to them, I like to examine what it could have been because of my contribution to whatever the “thing” was.

For instance, if I hired an external person to do something for my business and it didn’t work out, I could ask myself, was I clear on my content? Did I do the work required of me for it to work? Did I give it the time it deserved?

If I had a bookkeeping client that oversteps boundaries, I would think, did I set the right boundaries? Did I undercharge for this client?

If I have a bookkeeper on my staff that’s not meeting expectations, I would think, did I train them properly? Did I set clear expectations?

Everything in life is a co-creatorship, so it’s important to look at all angles when something goes wrong. There’s not much I’d do differently because I love where I am now. 

MANY things haven’t worked. But I was always so excited about the next thing I was going to try that I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what went wrong.


Question 4:  What’s your best marketing tip for someone just starting out using the entire marketing process?

For this, I’d say that connection matters more than strategy. You need to make sure people know about your offer. Have you told them? Sometimes it really is as simple and as basic as that.

Get started and make human connections. Get curious on both sides - who are you reaching out to? Also, make sure to make things simple and transparent. Sometimes I think that the bells and whistles are just an obstacle course between you and your audience. You don’t need them!



Question 5: How do you utilize your podcast as a marketing tool?

My podcast has been an amazing marketing tool - I started it in January of 2021 and have already seen a lot of success with it! It’s great because it allows listeners to multi-task, which is something I enjoy doing. 

I really think that podcasts can be effective for any business owner, no matter what service you offer. They allow people to relate to you and your business, and it’s a great platform for storytelling. That’s where people connect.

I love to bring people into my podcast and, let me tell you, I’m not afraid to sell. I know that my offer will genuinely help so many people, so there’s no need to hide it, right?

My podcast also allows me to answer frequently asked questions and address common objections. It’s the perfect place to point people if they’re asking a question I have already recorded an answer to.

In short, it’s the simplest way to get the highest results for me, and it really works.


Question 6: For someone starting from scratch but wants to do it all, where should I start?

This is a great question. My advice is to do the thing you want to do the most and whatever’s the simplest. You should also consider doing what you know you can make money in. 

Do the thing that will move the needle on the money aspect and then expand beyond that. Keep going - you’ll get there!


Question 7: How does Kajabi help on the bookkeeping side of your business?

Kajabi is INSANELY helpful on the bookkeeping side of my business. In short, it simplifies things and acts as my webpage. My templates are there, which is useful, and all of my forms are there for me.

I’m somewhat of an automation ninja in Kajabi, which saves me tons of time. Plus, there are other ways it could be used that I don’t actually use it for - like a podcasting platform, blog platform, and so on.

Another way it helps me is just by looking professional. I truly believe that makes clients trust me more. Additionally, it makes payments simple.

Kajabi is really like the best virtual assistant you can have - but for only $150 a month.


Question 8: What’s the power of assessments and how do you use them?

I use assessments to filter out potential clients because I REALLY believe in my program. I want to have the right people there because I trust that they’ll get what they came for.

For that reason, I’m really clear about what my clients are getting and what they’re not. I won’t make a bad sale, because I know that’s harmful not only to the person I’m selling to, but also to my time, energy, and bank account. I always say, “the most costly sale is a bad sale.”

I use a graded assessment that deciphers if someone is a good fit for my programs. If someone gets a 100%, they pass and are pushed to the enrollment step. If they don’t, I look further into their responses and can clarify with them or ask more questions.

I do this to empower my audience and ensure I’m working with people who are going to get exactly what they want out of our time together.



Listen to the Whole Interview for More: The Bottom Line

These are just the highlights of my interview, so be sure to tune into the podcast to hear every detail. I am such a fan of Kajabi - I mean, I talk about it ALL the time, so it’s probably not a surprise. It was such a cool experience to do this interview, and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

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