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In this post, I’m debriefing on my past few posts and talking about my Programs Personified. I’ve had a transformational experience with my programs - especially given I began my journey when I had my third child.

I knew I had the power to help other people with my bookkeeping business. My business had surpassed where I wanted it to be and I wanted to protect my boundaries and not take on more clients.

However, I couldn’t keep up with the inquiries coming in. I had potential dream clients wanting to work with me. BUT - I couldn’t go back on the commitment I made to myself and my family and take on more clients at that time.



Recapping BOB and BABs

From there, BOB was born! I knew I needed to tell good accountants how they could run a business like I was. Throughout the years, I’ve seen that those who joined BOB - which will now morph into Libby - don’t need me to give them clients. They need to know how to attract these clients on their own.

BOB has evolved - as have I. It’s exciting! I’m free to slow down and think in the long term. It’s been my focus to follow the wind and do what I could in the way I could do it to have the biggest impact. Doing that set me up for success. I knew things didn’t have to be perfect, I just had to do it.

Then, in 2021, BOB’s sister program BABs existed to teach people the foundational concepts of bookkeeping. BABs is the bookkeeper that teaches the technical side of things. I knew that was really needed.

While BOB has more money-making potential for you because it teaches the business, BABs makes it easier to deliver a clear promise and result.


The Growth of My Business 

My business has continued to grow and I have wanted to ensure that I’m doing it in alignment with my life. I have continuously asked myself:

  • How do I lead in the way I want my audience to follow?
  • How do I facilitate an amazing transformation?
  • How do I do this in a way that can be done and achieves results?

On paper and by results, BOB is a very successful program. It’s one I’m proud of! But throughout 2021, I struggled with how I can allow people to join all the time and still make sure they’re receiving the clear journey of the program. 

I started to realize that people that have been clients for a long time wanted to talk about technical circumstances, client communication, boundaries, and hiring. People that were new, on the other hand, wanted to deep dive into client attraction and sales calls. 

I didn’t want people to get bored, so in September I decided to do an open-closed round - although reluctantly. I hesitated because I didn’t want to close the doors. I’m a bookkeeper and an online business coach. But I don’t like to consume things in a way with urgency, which makes me hesitant to close the doors of my offers as other online coaches may.

It’s very important to me that my clients don’t start working with me out of feelings of urgency or scarcity. I will NEVER push my clients to purchase my program. 

However, I liked the closed round that I did. It was a special thing to do! I started doing five coaching calls a month, which may not seem like much. But my life is different now, given my kids’ schedules. I would take four of these calls at 9:00 pm. This sometimes resulted in my needing to arrange childcare for these calls. 

I knew the way I was showing up for those calls was not how I wanted to show up for my business, which was a big catalyst for the retirement of BOB. It’s kind of funny how my youngest daughter, Zoe, was a catalyst for the start of this program and the catalyst for the retirement of it.



The Need for Change 

At first when I started to think about making a change with BOB, I thought I would just change some structural things to not have five monthly calls. It struck me that I could sell BOB as a standalone course, but then I realized I wasn’t sure if it could stand up by itself. 

I realized how important it is for my clients to have access to me as a part of the programs. 

That brings me to my new and exciting program: Libby. Libby stands for “Life by the Books.” The whole feeling and essence behind this program are that we’re all redefining what life by the books is. We’re going to live life by the books with a bookkeeping business and the ability to live your life how you want alongside that. 

Lifestyle has always been a huge part of my vision. And I’ve realized that the term “booked out” doesn’t align with me and my values. I’m looking to provide people with freedom and autonomy. I don’t really believe in “booked out.” If a perfect client came my way, I’d make space. If I got a lot of new inquiries, I’d hire help to accommodate. 

I can and would increase or decrease my capacity based on my desires. Being booked out has a negative connotation and I don’t think it aligns with my programs or my vision. 

A bookkeeping business can be done however you want. There are so many different paths you can take. We’re doing life your way by having a bookkeeping business your way. We’re going to tap into what you want and get creative on how you can make it happen. 


The Structure of Libby 

The structure of this program will be a membership with an upfront buy-in. That buy-in gets you the course and you’ll have a month-to-month membership. You can stop your membership at any time.

Giving this program at least six months is the way to go in order to really get the most out of it. The monthly cost is going to be $197 and the upfront membership cost for the course is $1997. That’s the lowest price point I’ve offered for a course. 

This community and I are going to be here for the long haul. I’ve gotten feedback that there are better places for a community than Facebook. From that, I did a lot of research and found that Circle is a better option, so that’s where this community now exists. It’s so much cleaner and easier to find each other there. I love it!

There’s a lot of cross-collaboration that goes on within the program and community as well as cross-referrals. This has become even easier in Circle.  There will still be structured calls - one a month. Along with that, I use Voxer so much for voice notes and communication for quick-hit questions and conversations.

Libby is going to focus on staying the course, being fully supported, feeling comfortable in that, and having access to all the resources and support and community that we need in order to grow.

This program is all about less commitment but more flow, and I’m so excited about that. Get on the waitlist so you can be the first to know when Libby is officially open and taking off. 



The Ability to Stay On Course: The Bottom Line 

I know that this course is going to allow for supreme focus and the ability to make the most of this amazing community. This is not a program that teaches you someone else’s definition of success. It will teach you how to have a successful life through a successful business. You won’t need to make sacrifices in your life in order to do that. 

Staying on the course of Libby will lead to your success. Now’s the time and this is the program to do it with. I can’t wait for you to dive in with me!

Ready to take action? Apply for Life By The Books™ (Libby) Today!

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