BABs & BOB Program Alumna Lisa Kinser: A Conversation on Quitting Your 9 to 5

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I’m so excited that in my most recent podcast episode, I was joined by Lisa Kinser. Lisa is the owner of Simply Booked - Modern Bookkeeping. She’s also the mom of two spunky little girls, Oklahoma born and raised, loves boba tea, sleeping in, data analysis, and carbs. 

Lisa was a former student in both BABs and BOB. In our conversation, she shared her experience in the programs as well as her excitement for Libby. I’m recapping our conversation below so you can learn from a firsthand account about the programs and their impact.



Lisa’s Story

Lisa describes herself as a part of the great resignation of 2021. She was working as a payroll accountant and, ever since quitting her job, she considers herself to be a certified bada$$. Since leaving her corporate job, she feels like she’s had a positive shift in her life. 

When she left her job, she started a party rental business. She started looking into doing the books for that business and she started thinking about what she needed to learn to do this. However, she had the thought that bookkeeping was kind of the “low man on the totem pole” when it came to accounting activities.

From there, she was looking for resources to learn about bookkeeping in general, which is where she found my podcast! From there, she enrolled in BABs and finished the entire program in a week. Wow!

She went through ALL the textbook items, read it all, and kept going until she understood it all. She wanted to absorb as much as possible. What a great student! 

She ended up selling her party rental business for 100 percent profit and moving on to her next venture. She gained a lot of confidence from the BABs course and listened to the entirety of my podcast. From there, she told her husband she wanted to be a bookkeeper.

And guess what? Everyone in her life already anticipated this business move for her. It was MADE for Lisa! 


Delivering on Lisa’s Love Language

One thing that Lisa and I talked about is how her love language is words of affirmation. She shared that she recently received an email from me that really touched her as it was filled with words of affirmation.

This email showed her how important it is to value community over competition. She also showed her husband the email and noted that her corporate boss never would have sent her something like that, which was an interesting revelation. 

Lisa noted that having me as a coach has shown her that she can be a coach for her clients, which is a super uplifting thing for her in her business.



The Ability to Be Home

Lisa also talked about her experience working from home for her corporate job when the pandemic began. Her experience was that she was ALWAYS working. While she was physically home, mentally, she was working. This made it tough to separate from work and be a present mom and wife.

Having her own bookkeeping business has allowed her to be more present at home and have that highly coveted separation between work and home life, which she certainly didn’t have with her corporate job.


Lisa’s Experience with BOB

Lisa was a BOB student and actually started the program a month late because she was so ready to jump in. The program was great for her, but she loves the innovation of it being an evergreen program for people to jump in and out of at their own pace.

Lisa noted that while the coursework was SO valuable for her, my feedback was even more meaningful for her business. When she started getting clients and having discovery calls, receiving guidance for those things has been invaluable.

Lisa makes great use of the Voxer access that comes with my courses and coaching, which we both love. It makes me happy that the well-roundedness of my services and courses have been a highlight for her and she’s made the most out of them.

Voxer has proven to be a huge source of confidence for Lisa. She’s loved having someone who roots for her and feels like that’s not something that she ever received in her corporate job.

Sometimes, it just takes someone listening to you and helping you reframe the way you’re looking at things. That’s why it’s a great thing to have a business coach, especially someone that cares and is invested in you and your business. I love being that sounding board for my clients.

Coaching doesn’t indicate a lack. It means that you deserve to not have to do it alone. You should WANT to work with your coach and make you feel like you’re getting the maximum benefit from working with them. With them, you have the ability to rise collectively.


Lisa’s New Identity

In working with small businesses and her clients, Lisa loves to connect with new people and be a part of their business. Her bookkeeping business has become her new identity, and it’s something she’s excited about! 

Working with clients as a bookkeeper is a mutually beneficial relationship, and that’s something that I’ve learned so deeply in my experience, too! We connect with our clients on a deep level and are someone that sees them, helps them, and validates them - and that’s SO valuable.

Lisa has gained confidence in what she has to offer her clients regarding that connection. She knows that having a real person as a bookkeeper for a small business owner is something so worth doing and makes the entire process better.



An Amazing Investment: The Bottom Line

Lisa shared what an amazing investment BOB and BABs have been for her. Being in my programs and working together is something she’s never experienced before, but she loves it. She shared that having my undivided attention as a coach and having my advice has been endlessly helpful. She is able to trust my guidance and she’s so glad that she trusted her instincts when it came to enrolling.

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