Do You Have to Quit Your Corporate Job to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

for bookkeepers podcast Oct 25, 2021
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In this episode of Profits + Prosecco Podcast, I am going to be talking all about freeing yourself from corporate shame! For all of those still working a nine-to-five job because you don’t feel comfortable leaving, or your business hasn't taken off yet, this episode is for you.

Today, I want to flip my normal messaging and let you know that you're not failing by still working corporate. Everyone is always on their own timeline. Stay tuned to hear why your corporate job can actually be serving you during your entrepreneurial journey. 

But before we dive right in, welcome to the Profits + Prosecco Podcast! I’m your host, Katie Ferro, CPA, reformed rule follower, creator of Booked Out Bookkeeper, mom to 3 little ones, and Kajabi enthusiast.

This podcast is for entrepreneurs who desire to change their life through their profitable business, and for bookkeepers and accountants who want to escape the 9-5 and start a simple scalable bookkeeping business like I did. 

Bookkeeping increases profits and profits change lives. So pop some bubbles and let me show you how! 

In this episode, you'll learn exactly why you're not failing by keeping your corporate job as an entrepreneur. For even more juicy details, listen to ALL of episode 50 of the Profits + Prosecco Podcast on your fave streaming platform.



Anticipating negotiation when quitting your corporate job. 

A couple of weeks ago, I had a member of BOB quit her job and get very clear on why she wanted to go through with that decision. She started to understand what she wanted more of and less of in her life, and this is something we work through heavily in BOB.  

As soon as she went in with her resignation, the negotiations began. And this is super common. If you're good at your job and you know that you're valued, you can always anticipate the negotiation. This can sometimes be hard because you have your head wrapped around the idea of quitting and then they throw all these curveballs at you. 

My advice is to get really clear on what you want and what you're available for. Take nothing less! This BOB student was set on quitting until they offered her a 47% increase on her salary, and she decided to stay. It gave her more income to start doing the things she wanted, it gave her more time to be present, and it gave her stability because she has not yet built the base of her bookkeeping business. 

Please remember, there is ZERO part of me that is trying to force you out of your job before you're ready. You do need to have a repeatable, proven process before you jump and quit your job.    



Figuring out what works for you before you quit your nine-to-five. 

You’ve got to figure out what is safe for you, what is sustainable for you, and what supports your life in all areas. If you're looking to negotiate with your job, be sure you’re 100% clear on what you want and what will make you stay. 

Something I want to emphasize here is that it is entirely possible to have a corporate job AND build up a bookkeeping business. If you have 10 hours a week that you can give to your business, you can build it and make it just as much of an obligation as your corporate job. 

It's also possible to surpass your corporate salary while maintaining your corporate salary. You can be as slow and steady as you want, or you can build your business faster - it's all up to you. There is no shame in working a nine-to-five if it actually serves your lifestyle and benefits your bookkeeping business. 

My corporate experience actually helped me prepare for what I do now in my business. Without it, I wouldn't be a good leader or a good manager. So don't look down on your corporate job. Appreciate what it teaches you and get the most out of that experience! 



Do You Have to Quit Your Corporate Job to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?: The Bottomline

I hope this episode helps you step out of that corporate shame and understand that everyone does things differently. Maybe your nine-to-five is serving you, maybe it's not -- just get clear on what you want and how you want it. I want this episode to give you permission to release any shame about how you're making money. As long as you're able to find joy in your life and support yourself & your family, that's all that matters. 

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