Office Gossip Part 2: The Confrontation, aka Set Yourself Free Because You Deserve Happiness

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Time for part two of my three-act production with some of my most beloved characters. (And if you missed Office Gossip Part 1: The Build Up, start here first!)

Let’s begin:

The Players: BOB, BABs (BOB’s best friend/coworker), Ariel (BOB’s wife), and Katie (aka me, The Boss)



Scene One: BOB and BABs have a chat.

BOB: Hey, Babs, boy, do I have something to tell you. 

BABs: What?

BOB: Today's the day. 

BABs: What do you mean?

BOB: I just know. I know. I have to tell Katie what I'm thinking. I owe her the respect of letting her know my plans so we can figure out an exit strategy. Like I said, I'm going to finish this season out. I owe that to everyone, but I can't keep fighting this pull anymore. I have to give my resignation and work on a replacement. 

BABs: Oh my goodness, how do you feel? 

BOB: I'm nervous. I'm not sure how she'll take it, but it's even harder to keep spiraling with this decision and delaying it. I think I'll feel better once we've had the conversation. 

BABs: What do you think she'll say? 

BOB: I'm not really sure. I keep running down different scenarios, but at this point it's just starting to make me crazy. As soon as I see her door open, I'm going in. Wish me luck.  

BABs: Good luck!



Scene Two: Bob and Katie have a chat.

BOB: Hey, Katie, do you have a moment? 

K: Hi, BOB. The door is always open for you.

BOB: This feels heavy and I don't really know where to start. 

K: Take your time. 

BOB: I want to start just by thanking you; a couple of years ago, all of this was just a dream. 

K: The dream was even smaller than this, wasn't it?

BOB: It was. It's crazy to think about what we've accomplished in only two short years. It went fast. But also so much has happened. It feels like a month and 10 years all at once.

BOB: I know, think of all the people we've helped.  

K: That's what it's all about, right? It's such an honor to be trusted. 

BOB: It is. That's what makes this so hard.  

K: Tell me more.

BOB: Katie, I'm just tired. 

K: You've worked hard. 

BOB: I guess what I'm trying to say is my heart isn't in it anymore. I love what I do. I know I'm good at it. I know people get transformation. But lately, I feel really weighed down by that, by the pressure of it all, the responsibility, the commitment of any kind. And I can't stop daydreaming about retirement, just packing it all up, closing down everything, and exploring. I won't leave you high and dry. I can push through this last season, but afterward I'd like to start discussing an exit plan. 

K: BOB, all of that makes perfect sense, and it's so important that your heart's in it. I really appreciate you coming to me early and giving me the opportunity to work out an exit plan. You know how open, honest communication is one of my strongest values. 

BOB: Thanks, Katie. It means a lot just to be able to say this out loud. I hate letting you down, and like I said, I'll definitely get through this season. 

K: I appreciate you offering that, BOB. But do you think it's the right thing? I mean, for everyone, not just yourself? Have you ever seen that episode of Schitt's Creek? 

BOB: Yeah. The one we always talk about, the one where Alexis is working in the receptionist's office and she realizes she's sitting at someone else's desk and that means someone is sitting in hers. We give that advice to bookkeepers we coach all the time. And yet here I am sitting at someone else's desk. And to be honest, I don't even think that anyone is at my desk because in my future, in the right spot for me, I don't think I have a desk anymore. 

K: Well, that's a real aha moment. 

BOB: But do you think you'll find someone, I mean, what will you do? 

K: Oh, BOB, what's another thing we tell the bookkeepers we coach when they're worried about quitting and how they'll be replaced? 

BOB: Katie, are you going to tell me to get over myself that even though I'm really good at what I do, I'm still replaceable and that if my heart isn't in it, I'm not actually doing a service to anyone, not myself, not my team members, and certainly not my clients because it's robbing a more eager candidate of taking my space? 

K: I sure am, BOB. I love you. No one loves you more, but get over yourself. 

BOB: Well, that's ironic that here I am not able to clearly take my own advice. Thankfully, you're here to coach me through it. So, Katie, what are you proposing exactly? 

K: Well, you know, we have the system down for hiring good help. We'll put together a job description and start working on our ideal candidate. I think we can get it done by the end of the day. What do you think?

BOB: I'm wide open. Let's get to work. 

K: Ok, great. So what characters does the ideal candidate have that's going to replace you? 

BOB: Well, the person is excited to tackle the job. They're ready to meet their clients where they are and support them in reaching their highest vision of what's possible, perhaps even bigger than what they envision. And this candidate is willing to stay the course. They understand that sometimes the results don't happen very quickly, and they're able to coach them through that so that they're really staying committed to their goals and seeing results in a time that's right for them. I think this person should take the best of what we've done, but I have to admit a fresh perspective in this program would be nice. The person would value long-term relationships, a deep connection with her clients, and she would foster an incredible community like we've done, only better. 

K: I'm writing it all down. I noticed you said, “she.” What experience does she have similar to ours? 



(Coming to a Resolution: The Bottomline)

BOB: She's walked the path. She intends to lead others down. Technically, she knows her stuff. She does it with grace, challenging her clients to be their best, but also allowing them to take the right amount of time. She's not pushy, and it's important that she leads her life in the way she intends to help others achieve for their own life. 

I hope you all enjoyed joining me in a deeper dive into BOB's transition and are excited for the next installment! Be sure to join us next week to see how the story unfolds in Office Gossip Part 3: The Transition.

Will BOB take a much-needed vacation? Will he and Katie find the perfect program to replace him? 

Tune in next week for all of these answers, and more...

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