What People Are Saying About BABs (Become a Bookkeeper)

podcast May 08, 2023



I’ve been talking a lot about Become a Bookkeeper (BABs) lately…so why don’t we hear about it from some people who have gone through it? Here’s what people are saying about BABs:



A Cheat Sheet

“Even just seeing how to import historical Stripe data rather than having to figure that out on my own was super huge. Getting to see the practical stuff, like how to import things into Xero, was a game-changer. I still go back and reference things sometimes because it's super helpful. It's almost like a cheat sheet… It helped eliminate some of my limiting beliefs, I think.” - Megan, Former Become a Bookkeeper Student


The Cure to Imposter Syndrome

“When I was in college, I went to school for accounting. But I knew when I was a senior that I wanted to get married and have kids young, and that big corporate 60-hour-per-week life was just not something that I was interested in. So I graduated thinking, ‘I guess I'm gonna do something else,’ because I don't want to do that. And so I did…

Fast forward to when I had my first baby in 2014, I ended up sticking with real estate after a few jobs, because I had a broker who let me pick my own hours and I could do it part-time. Still, that was a lot of leaving the house, finding a sitter, all that jazz. So when I had my second baby in 2016, I decided I was going to be a stay-at-home mom. I couldn't pawn two kids off, so I was going be home…I was sure that I was supposed to be home full-time. And then I actually ended up suffering from a pretty extensive stint of postpartum depression, and that really took me off guard.

So here I was, doing everything I thought I wanted to do, and it wasn't as fulfilling as I expected it to be because I felt like I was failing at it every day.

So when my youngest was about to turn one, the secretary bookkeeper job at my church came open, and I just had a gut reaction that I had to take it. I needed to go be alone for a couple hours a day. In my mind, I was able to justify it because it was a bookkeeping position, and I have an accounting degree…I was just looking for a break. What I didn't expect was that I ended up getting a lot of fulfillment from it.

Eventually, a friend of mine from church came up to me who had just started his own small business, and he handed me a list of expense categories and he said, my CPA needs all of my expenses in these categories, and I don't know how to do that. He gave me twelve months of bank statements, and I set up a QuickBooks account for him.

I did not know I was doing a cleanup job like I did. I was just helping a friend out…A couple weeks later, he became my first monthly client.

It took another six or seven months before I started to think I could probably do that for somebody else, too. I set a goal to launch in January 2021, and I was all pumped…Then I got that big overwhelming sense of imposter syndrome immediately.

I wanted to make sure I was doing it right, because my goal was—and is—to give my clients something of value. And if I'm not doing it right, I'm not doing it right. That's why I jumped into Become a Bookkeeper.

Right off the bat, when I started Become a Bookkeeper—at the beginning you get the textbook and go through a basic accounting course—in the back of my mind, it was like, ‘Oh, I've already done this.’ But it was a great refresh and a big confidence-booster to be like, ‘I do know this. I know this accounting stuff, and I'm getting 100s on all of these quizzes, which aren't that hard, but this isn't foreign, so why am I acting like I don't know what I'm talking about and why do I believe that I don't know how to do this when I very clearly do?’” - Kelly, Owner of Summer Dove Bookkeeping, Former Become a Bookkeeper Student



Modern Systems

“I think it's a great resource. Actually, I go back there every now and then if I'm like, ‘Oh wait, I think this is in Become a Bookkeeper.’ I'll go back and look, or I’ll go to Katie if I have a question, and it’s always there. It’s more of a modern bookkeeping program; it lets you utilize what is happening now instead of what happened 10 years ago or 15 years ago. That really helped, and it allows you to  utilize systems to make your job faster and better.” - Loriann, Former Become a Bookkeeper Student


Become a Bookkeeper > College

“With Become a Bookkeeper, I feel like I learned more than I ever have in a college semester… With Become a Bookkeeper, you actually get the hands-on experience in the Apply section, and the Learn one really helps reinforce what I actually know about accounting. 

It’s very different compared to college, because unlike college—where they teach you like all the theory and things you easily forget about—Become a Bookkeeper is really concentrated on the business. (Katie) takes what actually matters, (things) that I will be using for my clients, and I feel like that's like the biggest difference, because I actually retained a lot of information from Become a Bookkeeper compared to college, where it's a bunch of stuff getting thrown at me, and I don't know what exactly I'm going to use for my future career.

The biggest difference is that with Apply, you actually get the hands-on experience and a real-world-client scenario. That not only boosts your confidence, but it also gives you the experience that you need to take on an actual client, unlike college.

You could get an internship if you wanted, of course, but that's going to take a really long time. With Become a Bookkeeper, you have it all together in one nice package.

Between college and Become a Bookkeeper, I have to say Become a Bookkeeper was more important. All the way Become a Bookkeeper. Because without it, what would I even do? What would I deliver to my clients if I didn’t even know what exactly to do for them? Become a Bookkeeper really helped bridge that gap.” - Lordes, College Student and Become a Bookkeeper Student



Join BABs Now!

If any of this has resonated with you…what are you waiting for? BABs is ready to fill in your knowledge gaps, put an end to imposter syndrome, and get you ready to not only do this job…but to do this job WELL and with integrity.

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