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What Exactly is a Solopreneur and How Can You Help Them as a Bookkeeper?

Jun 27, 2022



In this episode, I’m diving into what service-based solopreneurs are and what types of examples there are in the industry. This is my favorite industry to serve, and I want to talk about why that is.



What’s a Service-Based Solopreneur?

You are likely wondering what a service-based solopreneur even is. Well, service-based means it’s a business that sells services rather than products. 

Solopreneurs means entrepreneurs that are in business by themselves. 

In short, this business has one owner and provides a service to its clients.


Why is Serving a Service-Based Solopreneur Simpler?

The reason I focus on service-based solopreneurs in my bookkeeping business is that it’s simpler. It doesn’t mean it’s entirely simple, but it means that you can learn how to serve them and it won’t be the most difficult bookkeeping out there. That’s beneficial because you’re able to do it without...

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Sharing My Outlook on Kajabi and Why It’s the Best Virtual Assistant

Jun 20, 2022



I recently did a Kajabi Heroes interview with my friend Megan from the platform. I’ve worked with Kajabi since 2018 and went from making $10k on the platform to now making over $100k! I am highlighting some of the questions I received and answered in the interview here, so take a peek below and be sure to listen to the replay in episode 86 of my podcast! 



Question 1: What is the power of closing doors?

When I left my corporate job, I knew that the door to that world was closing forever for me. Honestly? It was scary! But, with that one closed door, many others opened. I just had to take a moment to look around and take inventory of what opportunities were available to me.

At the time, I was about to become a mom and knew I wanted to be present for my children. That was my number one priority. Because I closed the door to my corporate role, I was able to enjoy the open door of starting my own business and structuring it around my...

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Building a Bookkeeping Business to Live the Life of Her Dreams: A Conversation with Lourdes

Jun 13, 2022



Today I’m joined by a special guest - a student of BABs and Libby. Lourdes Auquilla is a highly motivated college student who’s already started her own bookkeeping business. She brought her unique perspective to the latest episode of the podcast, and I’m recapping our conversation here.



What Drew Lourdes to Bookkeeping?

Lourdes and I started our conversation by discussing what drew her into bookkeeping in the first place. She was just starting college with the intention of starting a business. She wanted to attend college to ensure she could always understand the numbers behind her business.

She’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and she knew that she wanted to find a sustainable business she could run from home. So, she decided to start a social media management company.

Before long, she hooked up with a coach for this, but soon realized she didn’t want to be tethered to her phone at all times. Her coach...

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What Do Bookkeeping Clients Struggle With & How Can You Help?

Jun 06, 2022



This post is a little bit different, as I’m recapping a run-through I did of some responses I received on a bookkeeping client lead form. This focuses on what clients struggle with on the numbers side of their business, and I went through 141 of these inquiries to see what people put on their app.

I’ve been promising this for a while, and I’m finally delivering on it! This does an excellent job of showing that people’s emotions and fears around money are strong. And, as a bookkeeper yourself, it’ll allow you to understand what people are struggling with so you can understand what they need.

The truth is that bookkeeping can be very profound - and I think you’ll see that through these responses.



Question 1: What stresses you out most about the current state of your books?

I’m going to separate the responses I got out into common themes and list some of the answers that fit with them to demonstrate...

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How to Stop Feeling Shame for Being Overqualified as a Bookkeeper

May 23, 2022



This post is all about the shame surrounding being overqualified as a bookkeeper. I was inspired to do this post from an application for one of my programs, where a CPA filled it out and wrote that something that’s stopped them from starting their business is that they feel funny about what people would say. 

They noted — maybe not in these exact words — that they’d feel shame from going from being a CPA to starting a bookkeeping business because, essentially, they know they’re overqualified. It was really foreign for me to hear this when I’m SO proud of my business and all that it brings to my life.

But that doesn’t go to say that I don’t understand the stigma. That’s what I want to talk about today.



The Need to Defend Your Decision

Many people who consider going from a CPA in the corporate world to starting a bookkeeping business feel like they’d be sliding down the ladder and...

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The Hard Truth: Why You Need to Stop Being a Perfectionist

May 16, 2022



Today’s post is all about perfectionism. Am I speaking directly to you? Let’s go through a little question and answer so you can decide if you’re a perfectionist or not:

  • Do you think being a perfectionist is a positive or admirable quality?
  • Do you think being a perfectionist is somewhat of a badge of honor?

If you answered yes to either of those, you may just be hiding behind your perfectionism. This is especially common for people who are accountants or bookkeepers, because you’re drawn to things that have a process, flow, and a definite answer.

I understand that, but life is about more than the data and the numbers. Let’s talk more about why it’s time for you to shed your perfectionist tendencies in the name of your business and success below.



The Hard Truth of Perfectionism

Perfectionism and people-pleasing go hand in hand, and it’s true that women tend to take on this quality more. I’m here to...

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Why You are Entitled to More Freedom in Your Life (Even if You're Not a Mom!)

May 09, 2022



Today’s post is a bit of a mic drop moment. Here’s the message: you don’t need to be a mom to want more freedom in your life. It’s as simple as that! I want to take a moment to talk about this and to validate you if you’re not a parent but still strive for more freedom and balance in your life.



Everyone is Deserving of Freedom

Many of my listeners and readers are moms or want to be moms, and I’m aware of that. In truth, it makes sense because that’s how my life looks. I have built my business around the purpose of being present with my family. I talk about my kids and life as a working mom a lot because that’s kind of my thing, right?

But, you don’t need to have kids to have this be a priority. Everyone is deserving of the ability to have more life experiences with less stress. I really want to ensure that people know that and pursue the freedom they yearn for regardless of whether...

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How You’ve Helped Make My Bookkeeping Podcast a Success and a Heartfelt Thank You for Listening

May 02, 2022



Wow! I can’t believe I’m already at episode 76 of my podcast Profits + Prosecco. This post is going to be short and sweet, and it’s an appreciation love letter to my listeners.



A Realized Dream

I’ve been podcasting for about 15 months worth of episodes, which equates to about 18 months of work on it overall. I knew I wanted to do this for a long time, but for a while - it was just an idea. I wasn’t ready yet. But when I got there, it was a beautiful thing.

The name of my podcast – Profits + Prosecco -- perfectly describes it. The podcast itself is all about profits, bookkeeping, and what it does for your life. But the Prosecco part is celebratory.

I knew that my podcast would be a big financial and time commitment, which it is – but I also knew it’d be powerful. I’m so happy that I took the plunge and started it.


Following My Own Advice

The advice I give to others in business is to...

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What You Give Up (& What You Gain) When Leaving Corporate America

Apr 25, 2022



Today, I’m going to address something that people frequently fail to talk about. This revolves around what to do about your benefits when you leave corporate America. There are things that you have to let go of when this happens, but I want to bring a new perspective on those items. 

While I don’t have all the answers, I do think this will make you think differently and can address some of the fears that you have when you consider quitting your 9 to 5.



Giving Up Your Corporate Income

A tough pill to swallow when you leave your corporate job can be leaving that income. That income is guaranteed, and when you start your own business, that is not necessarily the case. It can be jarring! But remember - that money is replaceable. I know this from experience. 

When you’re working in corporate America, your eggs are all in one basket. You have a salary cap and it’s hard to make a considerable amount more. But on the...

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Business, Life & Motherhood: My Top Work-Life Balance Tips for Mompreneurs

Apr 18, 2022



I get the same question time and time again, and today – I’m addressing it. The question is: how do I balance everything: business, life, and motherhood? This is a complex topic, but an important one! I’m simplifying it to help you balance it all on your end, so let’s talk more about this below. 

I’m covering things like whether or not I have mom guilt, how I let go of perfectionism, and what my “secret” is to doing it all. It’ll be an impactful post, so let’s get started!



Balancing It All With Intentionality 

The biggest thing that helps me “do it all” is doing it with intentionality. We focus on this heavily in my courses, and I encourage you to check out my 2022 Intention Setting & Calendar Planning Workshop on my website if this is something you’re looking to do more artfully.

But really, I ask myself a simple question – what do I want and how do I...

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